Fathers Day

DSC00721On this day, we remember and celebrate fathers, in all their wonderful shapes and sizes.

The expectant Dad, nervously awaiting his first child, looking after his partner and wondering where life is about to take him: We are excited with you.

The new Dad, who lost his heart the moment his baby wrapped their tiny fist around his thumb: We celebrate with you.

The Grandfathers, who spoil children, who think chocolate is an acceptable dinner and who never say no: We thank you for the wonder you bring into the world of little kids.

The Dads who work hard all week but still find time to play with their little ones, who share the burden of housework and parent (rather than baby-sit): We salute you and couldn’t do it without you.

The Fathers who carry their children in their hearts, rather than in their arms, those who have buried their beloved little ones: We grieve with you and we recognise your fatherhood.

The Dads that have to work away from their families, who make big sacrifices for the sake of their children, and who would love, more than anything, to be amongst their family today: We send love to you this Fathers Day, wherever you may be.

The Dads that stay at home and look after their kids, who have made their own stand and have made the best choice for their children: We have a deep respect for your choices and thank you for the job you do.

The single-parent Dads that have to do it all, who look after their children with tenderness and heart, and who have to shoulder the parenting burden alone: We are in complete awe of you and hope you realise what an amazing job you do.

For those who have absent fathers, we hope that you have other strong men in your life that hold you up and inspire you.  To those men, we say, Happy Honorary Fathers Day.

For those who can no longer reach out and give their Dad a hug, who have had to say good-bye, we remember your Dad with you this Fathers Day and hope that, even through the tears, you feel him close.

To our own fathers and husbands, we love you very much.

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