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My statistics at the moment are pretty stock standard, most people wouldn’t find them very exciting:

  • I am 33 years old.
  • Mother of one – Miss M (one) the sunshine of my life, music to my soul.
  • Wife of Mr G – we met in early 2012 and only recently married.
  • I’m currently on unpaid leave from work while I focus on being a mum.
  • Mr G works in Western Australia and is only home one week in five so I am running the household on my own the remainder of the time.
  • I plan to return to work part time in the new year.

My life is happy and full of love and laughs. I don’t have much to complain about at all. Motherhood however, really hit me for six and I only came up for air when Miss M was about 11 months old. Up until that point I didn’t have time to think about how I had changed, who I was and whether I was happy with how I’d changed. I was focussed on getting through the days and having a happy and rested baby. Although I don’t have heaps of spare time to think about these things still, Miss M is a bit more independent now and I do have more time. Plus, I am committed to working it out for myself.

Getting to this point of my life – where I can actually say I am genuinely happy, has been a long journey. I was married once before when I was too young, I ran away from a lot of my emotional problems and running away from problems is expensive! All those long haul flights add up and eventually get you into some pretty bad personal debt. On the upside, I have seen some beautiful places around the world and own some beautiful shoes. My history is full of lots of laughs and great memories but there are some very dark times as well, including bouts of depression, not valuing myself, and what was probably borderline-alcoholism.

On my last trip overseas at the end of 2011 I embraced a new way of looking at the world, the people who came into my life, and I started to let go of the past. It was self motivated and I started what has now nearly been a three year journey of self-discovery, attempting to live by the mantra that healthy IS happy, investing in the right people, and finally letting myself fall in love and be loved by a good man – the best man! Although the road is getting smoother I am forever excited about the changes and challenges that might be on the horizon. Sometimes the road is still bumpy and there’s self-doubt and tears. Overall, I can confidently say that right NOW I am in the best place I have ever been.

The Mummy & The Minx is a project that I am very excited about. It is embracing a lot of themes and topics that I am passionate about. I really hope Mrs M and I can add value to some lovely ladies’ lives by discussing the issues that are important to us.

Sarah x

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