September Holidays are finally here – with a free printable holiday schedule!

photo-15You can always tell the last week of school before holidays.

The kids are tired, the teachers are over it and the parents are spent.   The once eager Preps are arriving just after the first bell and their feet are dragging.  And poor Master I’s school bag has coped the worst of it.

On Monday, the dog decided to wee all over it. At the terribly convenient time of about 8:25am (we leave at 8:30am).  Bag in the washing machine and a Ninja Turtle backpack (thank you Ekka) moonlighting as Master I’s bag, we skid into school just before second bell.

School bags take a while to dry, so the Ninja Turtle backpack was still on duty Tuesday.  I left it at home. We went to school without a school bag. Now, other parents have forgotten library bags, water bottles and hats.  No-one has managed to forget the ENTIRE bag.  That takes true end-of-term talent.

By Wednesday the school bag had been restored to its former glory and all was well.  Thursday passed without incident until Master I came home from a play date.  He had forgotten his school bag and left it at his mates’ house.   We decided it was fine to get it the next day at school.  Master I was onboard with this plan, until I could literally see a little light bulb flicker above his head and he said “why don’t we pick it up after bath time Mummy, that way I can play some more.”   Nice try matey.

We  were finally reunited with the school bag this morning.  We (and the school bag) are looking forward to a relaxing break.

Ah, who am I kidding?  I will probably fill every day with some other activity and there will be no relaxing.  If that sounds like something you’d do, you might find this September Holidays free printable schedule handy.

xxx Robyna

Screen Shot - holiday planner

 Have you had any pre-holiday meltdowns or mess ups? Going to relax or go,go,go?

8 thoughts on “September Holidays are finally here – with a free printable holiday schedule!

  1. mummalove says:

    I completely overdid the June/July holidays so am trying not to overbook this one. Amazing how quickly it fills up though! I’m looking forward to not having to make lunches or wash uniforms for the next two weeks. Hope you have a nice holiday x

  2. Sandra Tan says:

    So far, we only have a trip to the Australian Museum planned! Haha! My problem might be too little activities, so I got to get to some planning… erm… today! 🙂

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