Why I love Joan

photo credit Charles William Bush

photo credit Charles William Bush

Confession Time.  I watch day-time television.  And (oh boy) it tends to mostly be the E! channel.  I have a girl crush on Giuliana Rancic and I can’t go past Fashion Police.  I come for the fashion, but I stay for Joan Rivers acerbic wit.

Most of the things she said were vulgar, racist, sexist, inappropriate, politically incorrect and utterly, utterly hilarious.   Perhaps she shouldn’t have said the things she said, but if she hadn’t she wouldn’t have been Joan Rivers.  She said the things no-one else would have dared even think up.  In a world of carbon copies, I think she was one of a kind.

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September Challenge: The Inner Minx

16-My daughter, the Magnificent Miss M, turned 1 at the end of July this year. I can honestly tell you that from the moment M entered the world until she was about 11 months old, motherhood for me was totally consuming. Sleep deprivation, breast feeding issues and M hating the car, all culminated in me becoming a self-doubting and anxious mother. I had moments, sometimes days of confidence but it wouldn’t take much for my confidence to be undermined and I’d be back at ground zero again. I didn’t come up for air it seemed until the 11 month mark. Read more