10 things we have learned from Nina Proudman. Please stay and teach us more.

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It was the confirmation of a suspected fear. That the hole in our Wednesday nights and the gap in our wardrobe inspiration would be permanent.  That the poignant final scene of Offspring season five was, in fact, the last good-bye.

Today, the guardian reported that Offspring had been cancelled.  A few hours later, channel Ten denied the report saying that there were still discussions being had about another season.  Ah, the roller coaster of Offspring continues.  We are relieved hope remains we might still be able to catch up with the Proudmans.

We are unapologetic Offspring obsessives.  We knew Dr Chris wasn’t going to be the one. We cheered when Nina’s champagne tasted “fungal”. We mourned Patrick’s death.  We were moved when Zoe was born.  We wanted to join in the Proudman Thomas pitchfork party.  We were on team Leo from the start.

We know some of you will be thinking, “it’s just a TV show.” Or “They aren’t real people, get over it.” Well, for us they are real.  Every Wednesday they provided us with an hour of escape into a very stylish world but also one we connected with. Nina, in some ways, reminds us of ourselves. Refreshingly, it is the scary, embarrassing parts of ourselves that we probably try to hide from the world. Nina made it ok, even endearing, to be like that and it was kind of liberating. We have cried and laughed with Nina and coveted her wardrobe. And we learned some stuff too.

 This is what you taught us Nina…

  1. You can be well educated AND neurotic.Photo Credit Robyna May
  2. Even the most fabulous of women have to give up dangling earrings when they have a baby.
  3. Sisters can say anything to each other and forgive each other everything.
  4. It’s okay to say this about your baby – “she’s the light of my life but some times I need to remind myself to enjoy her.”
  5. All families are crazy.
  6. Day-dreaming and over-thinking are ok and normal.
  7. Being 30+ and stylish is possible, fabulous and fun.
  8. Our children are our hearts and when they arrive our world changes – it’s not the same.
  9. It takes a village to raise a child.
  10. At the end of the day it’s the people you surround yourself with that make the journey worthwhile.

Season five did have the ring of finality about it but perhaps, just perhaps, the door to Nina’s life, loves and wardrobe remains slightly ajar.

Do you love Nina and Offspring as much as we do?  What have you learned from her? Do you think there will be another season?

2 thoughts on “10 things we have learned from Nina Proudman. Please stay and teach us more.

  1. Annette of I Give You The Verbs says:

    LOVED Offspring, oh sad, I used the past tense. I found the last seasons much more engaging than the first, that archetypal overly neurotic, nothing without a man, woman gets too much air time and is a bit Ally McBeal for me. I was so glad to see Billie evolve too, that sisterly bond was lovely to watch deepen. And the writing – SUCH BRILLIANT WRITING. The night of the babies…. utterly perfect counterpoint to everything else going on. What a sensational family those Proudmans are/were.

    • Robyna says:

      We are holding out hope, but I do think that was the end. Thank goodness for DVDs and repeats 🙂 It was a show that got better and better.

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