November’s Challenge


This challenge is all about creating and cherishing traditions and rituals with your family and friends.  We will also look at how we preserve those treasured memories.

>>Week One:  Map out your current traditions & rituals, thinking about the things that will create treasured memories and the areas you think might need some attention. This is about friends as well as family – they create some of our most important memories.

Printable-Traditions Worksheet imagePrintable-Traditions Worksheet

>>Week Two:   Are you ready to get those photos sorted?

Challenge_Storing & Organising

  • Make sure that you have saved all the MMS pictures on your phone that you want.  An easy way to do this is to search for “Attach” over your text messages.  Any images texted to you will appear.  From here, you can save them onto your camera roll.
  • Download all photos on your camera and phone to your computer.
  • Back up all your photos to a USB stick (or several or to an external drive if you have loads).
  • Give that USB stick/drive to a friend or family member to keep somewhere safe – don’t keep at it your place.
  • Consider backing up to cloud storage: iCloud and Google Drive are both great.
  • Choose 50 photos to print out and either place in album or hang in your home.
  • Make a checklist (you can use ours) to ensure your photos are regularly downloaded & backed-up.

Free Printable-Photos in order checklist imageFree Printable-Photos in order checklist

>> Week Three:  We would love you to commit to at least one act of giving back this Christmas.  We often think about it and then it gets lost in the busy-ness of the season.  Commit, set a date and just do it! Hopefully it can become a Christmas tradition. There a loads of ideas in this post.

>>Week Four:    As we enter into the silly season, there are so many wonderful things to photograph. The challenge this week is to get out there and just take photos. Not to necessarily share on social media, but to push yourself as a photographer, to photograph things you might not and to perhaps even learn the amazing things that your camera (or phone) can do. You can see what we did here.

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