Kids are at the centre of the Ooniverse – Independent Cafe Review

The Low DownThere are three things that really make my morning:

1. Good coffee
2. Good conversation with lovely people
3. Seeing my kids smile and laugh

So when you find a place that offers all three, it’s a bit special.

The Ooniverse Family Cafe is located behind the Hawthorne cinemas.  It is not just a cafe that welcomes kids, this cafe is ALL about children. The owners are passionate about creating a playful and fun space for children. For $10, your child receives a freshly made sandwich, a small cup of fruit and a wonderful place to play.  There is a little show with dancing, singing and the ever-popular Robby Roo as well as balloon animals (each child gets to take one home).  There is plenty of sensory play (the kind that I pin onto my Pinterest board and never quite get around to doing) and loads of messy play. The kids are certainly never bored.  My one year old had a great time – he is obsessed with the rainbow pin-wheels that adorn the fence. It was also a hit with the under four crowd.

The coffee is good and served in take-away cups. There is other food available, but it is squarely aimed at the children. Peanut and gluten allergies all taken care of. The cafe asks that you do not bring your own food, which is fair enough – it is a cafe, not a child-minding centre. Kids did have their water bottles and this seemed to be fine.

The cafe is filled with natural light, giving it a distinct advantage over some other play centres.  There is an indoor and outdoor space and the outdoor space offers plenty of sun protection. Nicky, who runs the cafe, spends a lot of time interacting with the kids and you can tell she has a real passion for teaching and playing with littlies.

I went with a couple of friends and their children. We were able to have the semblance of a conversation whilst our kids played and explored, which is exactly what we wanted. The kids had a great time, which is exactly what they wanted.

Address: 261 Hawthorne Rd, Hawthorne, behind cinema | Ooniverse FacebookOoniverse on the web |

This is not a sponsored post. I just think this a great place for kids and carers.

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From left to right: Balloon puppies, enjoying the drawing, outdoor sandpits, fresh sandwiches, messy play, a positive place, Robby-Roo, Sensory ice play

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2 thoughts on “Kids are at the centre of the Ooniverse – Independent Cafe Review

  1. Reagan Seldon says:

    i take me kids to Ooniverse all the time and it’s fantastic. It’s great to see Nicky Noo get the recognition she deserves.

    • Robyna says:

      I think what Nicky is doing is fantastic and really important to the community, so I hope she gets lots of support to help her continue and grow.

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