December – reflecting on the year that was

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I was talking to my hubby on FaceTime last week and I ended up getting a bit emotional and saying, “I just don’t know if I have the energy for Christmas. I am just so tired.”

It is December. Another year has passed. The pressure of Christmas and New Year is upon us – presents, catching up with family and friends, over eating, over drinking, back-to-back social events, busy, busy, busy…. To be honest I don’t have it in me this year and here is why:

  • I have 27 day long weeks and eight-day long weekends due to our FIFO life. It’s exhausting.
  • I have spent the last four months with some sort of ailment, the last one landing me in hospital for a couple of nights and some forced rest.
  • We bought a new house.
  • We sold our old house on the day we listed it and had to move out quick sticks.
  • We lived with my parents for three months until we could move into the new house and had all of our things in storage.
  • We moved into the new house.
  • We got married and I organised the whole shin-dig in two months. It was a DIY wedding at our home.
  • I started this amazing blog with Robyna and have had writing commitments and deadlines every week.
  • I have done two online courses in the last four months.

I have achieved a lot in the last year, but it has taken its toll. In preparation for 2015 and in an effort to enjoy the remainder of 2014 though, I am going to slow down. I am gong to reflect. I am going to say ‘no’ when it doesn’t suit. I am going to preserve the energy I have left for me and my family. I am going to have a relaxing and (hopefully) stress-free Christmas.

With the intention not to overload ourselves in December, we have chosen not to do a challenge this month. Let’s all just have a break and spend some time having fun and on reflection.

So over the next month we will be posting about what is happening over the holidays as well as some interesting announcements for the blog, the first of which I will share with you now. We are going to start a monthly newsletter. Our newsletter will be full of all sorts of lovely things to inform you and help you feel good. To celebrate the newsletter we are offering the first 10 people who sign up and send us an email with their mailing address, a little love letter, where you will receive our newsletter and some other little bits and pieces to brighten your day IN THE ACTUAL MAIL! So best you sign up – spit spot.

You can sign up using the bar above, and if you want us to send your newsletter in the actual mail, you will have to email us at with your mailing address.  We will ONLY use this address to send you the newsletter in January. The first 10 emails received will get their newsletter (and a few other lovely things) in the mail.

How has your 2014 been? Are you ready to slow down or is it looking crazy?

2 thoughts on “December – reflecting on the year that was

  1. Planet Pav says:

    2014 has been a rollercoaster ride for the Pav’s! Some wonderful highs and some not-so-wonderful lows but that’s life really isn’t it! As long as we learn how to move forward from all of them then we’re going in the right direction.
    Slowing down and reflecting in December sounds like a wonderful idea, for me and for you! Enjoy Christmas in your new home Sarah and I hope your health is on the improve xoxox

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