Reflection funnies

As a part of reflecting this month, I started to think about some of the funny things that have happenedĀ over the last little while. I hope they give you a chuckle too.


Funny thing 1:

Husband was unpacking the shopping recently and put an economy size box of condoms (24 to be exact) on the bench.

Me: “Holy moly hun, we’ve got enough to last us through the next few years there.”

Seriously if looks could kill, I would have dropped dead there.

Funny thing 2:

Due to the highly infectious nature of my gastro, when I was in hospital everyone who came into my room had to don a mask, yellow plastic gown and gloves. My Dad visited one night and was decked out by the nurses.

Dad enters room awkwardly and sits down : “This must be what Ebola is like.”

Me: “Oh no you didn’t.”

Funny thing 3:

This scenario happens A LOT at our weekly blog meeting.

Me: “We really need to look at cutting back on our posting schedule, I think it is taking up too much time. It’s supposed to be fun, not work.” *Shares story of husband being mildly irritated by the amount of time being invested in blog. Also daughter’s obvious dislike of the laptop.*

Robyna: “Completely agree.” *Shares similar story of husband’s concern over amount of time being invested and sons’ dislike of the computer.*

Me: “Maybe we should start a Book Club?”

Robyna: “Good idea. Maybe we should write a book?”

Me: “Yes. Let’s do that.”

Both look at each and laugh – so much for cutting back.

Funny thing 4:

We self nominated for the Parents-to-be and Babies category for the 2014 Bupa Health Influencer Blog Awards.

Ummm, we WON!! You can read about that here. But seriously, we are just a couple of housewives in Brisbane, mucking around on the internet. Well, maybe it’s a little more impressive than that.

Funny thing 5:

I am going back to work three days a week in January. It’s not very funny to be honest but I need to tell myself it is. Or perhaps it is funny from the perspective that I don’t know how I’ll fit it in.

Funny thing 6:

Husband and I have bought tickets to the Future Music Festival in March 2015. Bahahahaha! Seriously we did. We decided to get the VIP upgrade in an effort to save our sanity on the day. I still think it is rather hilarious that we are going. I’ve started to wonder what I will wear already. The denim underwear-like shorts I once wore are potentially not appropriate me thinks.

Funny thing 7:

Your turn! Tell me what funny things have happened to you recently that have stuck in your mind?