Exercising with babies and children

Exercising with KidsTo wrap up the week’s focus on health, I wanted to share some practical ways to exercise with children. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to exercise because of the kids. But in reality there are plenty of ways to incorporate exercise into my life with the little ones along. Of course, the concept of “me time” does get a little lost, but the trade-off is doing something fun and laughing with my boys – and that’s pretty good too.

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How Health Insurance Can Help With Healthy Living Costs – A Guest Post

Health Insurance & Your fitness and well being - tips from Health Insurance CompareAs we focus on our health this week, we have a guest post from HealthInsuranceComparison.com.au on how to choose the best kind of health insurance for your needs. I must admit, that my first foray into private health insurance was to avoid tax. As we started a family, we relied on health insurance a little more and it mattered more what was covered. Now, as we enter a new phase of our family life – no more little babies for us – I am once again thinking about whether the right things are covered. Having cover that includes benefits for wellbeing and fitness is important to both Sarah and I, so that’s what we asked Health Insurance Comparison to chat to us about.  Read more

The need for space – time, perspective & place: my commitment to 2015

Every new year, my thoughts turn to my health. What I can do to improve it? How can I be more in tune with my body, heart and mind? This week, there will be a focus on health. Starting with what I consider the most important piece of the health puzzle: mental health.
grateful for the wild, untamed spaces

It was late afternoon and the storm clouds had already begun to blow in. But I craved the sand and the sea, so I headed down to the beach with baby E. Just him and I, a towel and the baby carrier. Unencumbered by cameras or phones. No shoes, both dressed only in our swimmers. I waded into the ocean, him close on my hip and we bounced over the waves together, his baby giggles and soft breath against my neck.

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