UNSTOPPABLE – I did it and now you can too

Be UnstoppableFor the last couple of years I have followed and admired Taryn Brumfitt and her Body Image Movement. I have marvelled at her, her energy and the love that she consistently shows herself and her amazing attitude towards her own body. I often wondered, “what’s a girl got to do to feel like that?” When I heard that Taryn had joined forces with Gemma Munro (the superwoman behind Inkling Women) and created The Unstoppable Program, I was pretty much sold.

Then I read this, and I was like, “TAKE MY GOD DAMN MONEY NOW!” … 

Unstoppable is for you if you are looking to create positive and long-lasting change in your life. It’s for you if you have dreamed of a life you adore waking up to each day, but you’re not quite sure of the right steps to get there. It’s for you if you’re keen to challenge yourself – to reflect and to transform by doing the work. Mostly, it’s for you if – even when you’re mired in lack of confidence and self-doubt, there’s a tiny voice in your head urging you that a life that is joyous is absolutely possible. It’s for you if you want some practical advice and loving support to unleash your joy and untame your spirit. 

So in an act of kindness to myself, I decided to sign up and became one of the first “UnstoppaBellas”. Unstoppable is a six week online program and like everything in life, you get out what you put in. I choose to invest quite deeply and participated in all the avenues available. I am not going to share Unstoppable’s methods, that wouldn’t be fair to Taryn and Gemma, but I will share with you how I have changed since completing it:

  • I worked out how I want my life to feel. I now live my life in a way that supports me achieving these feelings.
  • I am slowly but surely becoming more real. Bit by bit I am taking off the mask and not behaving in a way that makes others feel comfortable and covering up what’s really going on with me.
  • I’ve learnt that I need to push my boundaries, take risks and lean into discomfort if I want to change.
  • I have learnt how to recognise, rationalise and overcome negative self-talk.
  • I respect and nurture my body. I fuel it and move it. I look at food for what it is – fuel to make my body work. If I put the good stuff in, I am going to get good performance out. (It is totally ok to eat pasta and red wine – because sometimes that makes you feel just as unstoppable as a green smoothie!)
  • I have learnt that nurturing myself is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
  • My relationship with myself and my husband has improved. My patience and tolerance for almost everything has increased. I am more mindful, open, and honest.

I got a lot out of the program. So much so that I approached Taryn and Gemma once I was finished and told them about The Mummy & The Minx. I asked them if they would be willing to give away a place to one of our beautiful readers on their next Unstoppable Program, which kicks off in March. I was so delighted when they said “YES!”

If Unstoppable sounds like something you need in your life, comment below or send us an email.  We will draw a name at random on Friday 20 February 2015. The winner will receive a place in the March 2015 intake of the Unstoppable Program

Seriously, what have you got to loose?






N.B: This is not a sponsored post. I participated in The Unstoppable Program on my own accord. I paid for the course myself. All opinions shared here are my own.

Sarah (not quite back, but popping in!)

29 thoughts on “UNSTOPPABLE – I did it and now you can too

  1. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me says:

    It’s so good to read that your relationship has improved Sarah, it must really work. This is something I need to get on board with because I’m not treating my body as the temple it is, I’m using it as a tip. I am trying but it’s the mental side that’s the toughest I believe AND the hunger pangs after you try to return to moderation after living in indulge land for months!

  2. Sandra Kelly says:

    Nice to see you popping in Sarah! This sounds quite inspiring. “I worked out how I want my life to feel” – That’s a powerful statement right there and one that will leave me pondering about how I would like my own life to feel. Thank you for sharing. Xx

  3. Planet Pav says:

    So lovely to see you popping in Sarah and Unstoppable sounds FABULOUS!!! The practical advice sounds perfect as that’s usually the part I find the hardest 🙂

  4. Sew Crafty Deb says:

    What a fabulous programme! Just what I need I think. I have the big 5 0 looming this year and it’s freaking me out. I need to re-think a lot of stuff. Thanks for sharing. Lovely to see you back Sarah.

  5. Deborah says:

    The program sounds great, but I’m really not a ‘joiner’ so…. However I do need to make some changes and I like to think I’ve started doing just that.

  6. Grace says:

    I’ve heard Taryn Brumfitt speak at a bloggers’ lunch. She was awe inspiring but most amazingly, one of the most thick skinned women I know. Her movement is so important. So glad you’re gaining so much from the program.

  7. rdavita says:

    Thank you for posting! The program sounds amazing. I just watched Taryn’s trailer for her documentary- wow! Please enter me into the drawing!

  8. Brandee says:

    I saw Taryn speak at a women’s day last year and she had me laughing and crying and nodding along as she spoke. She impacted me so deeply and this program really sounds amazing. It is definitely something I think would be great for me at this point in time – there have been so many negative changes and loss in my life over the last 6 months that some positivity and focus on me would probably do me more than a world of good. I’m glad to hear you took so much away from it!

  9. Anna says:

    It sounds like such an awesome program. If I had the money in the bank I would already be signed up. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot.

  10. cheryl Dillard says:

    I have been following unstoppable and really works live to do this program. I know I am supposed to do it, just can’t afford it and would love to win! Thank you for being so kind as to offer this contest.

  11. Robyna says:

    Thanks to each and every one of you for your entires – it will be drawn tomorrow from these comments and the email entries – GOOD LUCK ALL! (This comment won’t be entered, clearly, but all of yours will!)

  12. Skye OFlaherty says:

    Sounds amazing. Loving yourself and being kind to ourselves is something that too many woman of society struggle with. Every woman deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin and live the life they dream of. Self doubt and negative thought patterns are debilitating. Id love to do this course. Good luck to everyone entering!!

  13. Charlotte S says:

    This sounds amazing and like it would be perfect for me at the moment, thanks for the chance! Some valuable lessons there 🙂

  14. Wendy Finch says:

    Wow….powerful stuff! When women support each other instead of competing its a beautiful thing! I would absolutely relish the opportunity to become unstoppable 😀

  15. Amanda says:

    Thanks so much for your review. It’s just what I needed to help me decide and I’ve just signed up for the July programme. eek!

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