Five fabulous outfits you (probably) already own

5 fabulous outfits you already ownHave nothing to wear? Sometimes we just need to think a bit more creatively about our wardrobes. Bring the corporate into the casual, dress down the formal, re-think a summer piece or add something new.  Voilà a new outfit!  And it’s always nice to create something new, without buying anything new.

These are five outfit examples that you can probably replicate with your own wardrobe.  Each of them twists an old favourite in a new way.  I am really hoping it gives you at least one idea that you can play with. 

Now, I can’t claim this idea, as I first saw it on the very lovely Shannon from How Can I Wear That. Adding a top to your maxi means you have a whole bunch of new looks. Have a browse through your wardrobe and see what might work.

Outfits you already own - maxi + top

Have a kaftan you love? If the colours aren’t too summery, then you can wear it all year around! By popping a singlet and a pair of tights underneath and adding boots, you have one trans-seasonal piece. My sister-in-law is the master of this look.
Outfits you already own - kaftan + tights + singlet + boots


This is just a classy look that we can all probably replicate in one way or another.

Outfits you already own - jeans + jacket + singlet + scarf + boots


Have a gorgeous flirty cocktail frock that only gets worn once or twice a year? Throw a t-shirt over it to dress-it-down and suddenly, it can go on more outings.


Button-down shirts don’t always have to go the boardroom. By pairing them with shorts and a more casual vibe, they can play off-duty too.

Do you wear things in unexpected ways? Care to share?

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