Things I suspect I should have known before…

Things I should have known

Have you ever found out some fact and think How did I NOT know that? Then pause and realise You know what, I really should have known that – I am pretty sure all the competent adults around me knew that sometime ago.

It happens to me quite frequently.  Here are a few examples. 

The other day I was talking to a friend about how quickly we were whipping through the swimming nappies this summer. She told me something amazing. You can wash and re-use those so-called disposable swimming nappies. Then I told some other friends. They all knew about this. Of course you can put the damn things in the washing machine – they are made to withstand water. As long as there were no brown incidents, you can get a few goes out of those babies. Probably should have known.

I was putting a world map up in Master I’s bedroom, acquired in one of those great back-to-school Aldi sales. Greenland was marked as part of the Republic of Denmark. That’s not right, I thought. What would those Germans know? I thought.  Googled it. Lesson learned. Don’t doubt Aldi. Pay closer attention to geography. Probably should have known.

The same friend that alerted me to the swimming nappy situation was helping me make some two minute noodles for the kids (don’t judge). My friend broke up the noodles BEFORE cooking them. I hadn’t realised that this was an option. I was busy cutting up the noodles once cooked to make them easy for little hands and mouths. Life changed in an instant (noodle). Probably should have figured that out myself.

My husband and I pulled up to get petrol and I said to him, “I always forget which side the petrol tank is on – you always remember.”   He looked at me, shook his head, and said, “you do realise there is an arrow on the fuel gauge pointing to the side of the car the tank is on?”  Nope.  Didn’t realise that. Probably should pay more attention to the things my car tries to tell me.

Last year my husband and I were painting our front fence. I was having a little bit of a whinge about it to the other mums at school. “It’s not the painting,” I said, “It’s the cleaning up of the paint and brushes at the end of each painting session, only to do it all again the next day.”
“You know you can place the paint tray and roller into a plastic bag, make sure all the air is out, knot it and then it will be fine the next day,” I was told.
“You don’t watch a lot of House & Garden do you?” it was noted. Nope, had definitely missed out on this piece of advice.

When I was first pregnant with Master I, I trotted off to the doctor, for confirmation. I didn’t realise that the reaction would be “You did a pregnancy test. It was positive. You are pregnant.” I thought there was some other magical doctor-approved confirmation test.  I also had no idea that the pregnancy itself would be measured from the date of my last period. I had a calendar. With little love hearts on it indicating the potential dates of conception. Doctor really didn’t need to see that. She told me so. Probably should have known.

Have you learned anything as an adult and wondered how it escaped you up until that moment?

9 thoughts on “Things I suspect I should have known before…

  1. Heike Herrling says:

    Ha! I think, really, all adults are faking it. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. There are a lot of practical things that school didn’t seem to cover!

    • Robyna says:

      Hahahha – you could be right there Heike – we are all just trying to fool each other and hoping to fool ourselves in the process. 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    I didn’t know about the nappies, but I did know about the paint, you can even wrap the brush in glad wrap. I used Instagram for a while touching the like heart until one of my daughters showed me how to double tap 🙂

  3. Kate (@onesmalllife) says:

    Umm, for two weeks in a row I have run three times around the local park thinking I was running about 4k’s. Today I realised that the distance I googled was in miles. So I’m actually running 6+ k’s? I mean, I’ll take it, it’s a win, but I really should have known. (And as for the fact that when I realised my mistake I had to check if k’s were longer than miles or the other way around? Well, let’s just keep that between us, kay.)

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