Make your wardrobe work and play with Philosophy Fashion

Making your wardrobe

Philosophy Fashion Australia generously gifted the clothing in this post.

When I worked full-time in a conservative office my clothing choices seemed easier.  A pencil skirt or tailored pant, a button-down shirt, killer heels and discrete jewellery. My weekend wardrobe was relaxed and casual. My party pieces were fun, short and generally bejewelled. Needless to say, these three separate wardrobes seldom hung out together. My different identities were neatly compartmentalised and so was my closet.

After having children, those identities became muddled. A different lifestyle (less party, more park), working from home (less pencil skirts, more PJ pants), children (less ironing, more stain tolerance) and suddenly my wardrobe needed to behave differently. I don’t have three separate wardrobes anymore. Closet space is at a premium and every piece of clothing taking up room needs to pay rent. I want pieces that I can wear in different ways for different occasions.  And I love it when brands understand that. One such brand is Philosophy Fashion Australia. 

My lifestyle swings between casual and corporate, as I know is the case for many mums. I also might sneak in the very rare night out, as I know is the case for pretty much all mums.  So I wanted to show you how you could use some pieces from the current Philosophy collection to go from casual to corporate to the occasional glam night out.

The Knit Top

I am a bit obsessed with this top – I love how it sits and the optical illusion it creates. It’s perfect as work wear, but can just easily play with a pair of jeans or printed pants.

The fan knit top is part of the new Capullo range and will hit stores from early April. It is also available in grey and black.

The Tunic/Dress

This tunic can be worn in a variety of ways and its one of those great trans-seasonal pieces that suits the Brisbane climate so well. It works on its own as a dress and it’s great with tights.  I love pairing dresses with skirts and wearing tops over dresses. Thinking of dresses as separates opens up so many more wardrobe options.

The Denisha dress is part of the everyday Philosophy rage.The print is available in other great styles that can also be worn trans-seasonally.

The Wow Dress

This dress is va-va-voom sexy. The cut makes it exceptionally flattering and the zipper detail is genius. I am not breastfeeding my littlest anymore, but when I was, I was always on the look out for details like this that made it just that bit easier. This dress would be perfect to wear out after work, with a change of accessories and the removal of a jacket. And I couldn’t resist my skirt over dress trick again.

The Welch dress is from Philosophy’s event label – Drama. It features an original and exclusive print.

Why Philosophy Fashion?

I was pretty excited when Philosophy Fashion approached me to write about their gorgeous clothes. Here’s why:

  • They are Australian owned. The core Philosophy range is designed and made in Australia. I am passionate about supporting Australian businesses and its refreshing when clothing houses choose to manufacture in Australia. It also speaks to quality.
  • Philosophy is available in boutiques, not department or chain stores. They also pride themselves on exclusive fabric prints. That means that you aren’t going to see five other women in the same dress. It also means that by buying Philosophy you are supporting small business.
  • The clothes are designed for busy women with busy lifestyles. There is an emphasis on easy wear and easy care whilst still looking stylish. Realistic style? Easy to wash? No ironing? Count me in!

You can learn more about Philosophy Fashion Australia on their website and their Facebook page.
If you would like more information, you can contact them on 1800 612 608.

Philosophy Fashion Australia kindly gifted the items featured. I was not paid to write this piece. All opinions are my own. 

Do you keep your corporate and casual wardrobes separate or do you allow them to play together?

8 thoughts on “Make your wardrobe work and play with Philosophy Fashion

  1. lauracoytedoug says:

    I love how you’re adding skirts over dresses/tunics! Such a good idea! I’m not a Mum but I mainly buy work clothes now and it’s very cool to able to take them from work to play! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Wendy at Beachstylemum says:

    Love this post Robyna! I am also a big fan of merging casual with corporate these days. It’s so nice to find clothes that work for multiple occasions. Love all these Philosophy pieces. You look gorgeous. Particularly that Welch dress – amazing! xox

    • Robyna says:

      Thanks Wendy – it’s all about versatility when you’re a mum isn’t it? Thanks so much for your kind words – I must say, really impressed with the Philosophy brand.

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