The Evolution of Mummy

the evolution of motherhoodA group of bewildered young woman are sitting together in a coffee shop in a shopping centre. They are new friends – their babies born within a few weeks of each other. Some of those babies are asleep in the humongous prams their mothers are only just learning to drive. Others are cuddled peacefully in laps. Yet others are being fed. Those breastfeeding are anxiously looking around to ensure that they are not embarrassing themselves or anyone around them. Those bottle-feeding are hoping desperately that no-one is going to judge them. And they ask each other the rhetorical question all new mother’s ask: “Did you think it was going to be this hard?”  Read more

The Basics – How to Build Them

the Basics

I have always been intrigued by this concept of the “basics” within a wardrobe. It seems like the foundation of fabulousness. Having the basics right is like the sartorial equivalent of a fairy godmother. Gorgeous outfits will fall with abandon from your wardrobe and you will always have something to wear.

But what are these basics? And how do they magically transform your wardrobe and style?

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Five fabulous outfits you (probably) already own

5 fabulous outfits you already ownHave nothing to wear? Sometimes we just need to think a bit more creatively about our wardrobes. Bring the corporate into the casual, dress down the formal, re-think a summer piece or add something new.  Voilà a new outfit!  And it’s always nice to create something new, without buying anything new.

These are five outfit examples that you can probably replicate with your own wardrobe.  Each of them twists an old favourite in a new way.  I am really hoping it gives you at least one idea that you can play with.  Read more