A day in the life of my social media

where does the time go?

This month I am concentrating on kerbing my social media use. Reclaiming my mornings is just one reason.

Here is what my morning with social media looks like:

Wake up. Shower.  Hesitate as choosing clothes. Am I doing a style dare at the moment? Is this going to be Instagram-able? Oh F* it, it’s too early and too cold too care.  

Boys and dog wake. Demand my attention, breakfast, homework, hot chocolate, milk, school clothes and a nappy change. I catch the blinking blue light on my phone out of the corner of my eye. Leave it. You don’t have time. Takes more will power than it should.

Kids fed, clothed and hot-chocolated. Happily playing. We have about half an hour before we need to leave. I will just check my email.

Check email. Notice Facebook notifications. I will just check my notifications. End up scrolling through newsfeed.

This is an abridged version of how that plays out…

See friend’s cute baby. Like.

Another friend is celebrating yet another career success. Like. Happy for her. Happy for her. Happy for her. Little bit jealous.

Another friend has posted a cryptic message with accompanying quote. She’s clearly upset about something. Was I the cause? Search mind for anything I might have done or said to cause her to be unhappy? Realise that I haven’t seen that friend in about five months and is highly unlikely her status has anything to do with me.

Comment on a friend’s Facebook blog page. She has made an interesting point and I know how hard it can be to get conversation going.

Friend has announced engagement. Genuinely thrilled. Add my congratulations to the hundreds of other comments. Know that we aren’t close enough for me to see anything but the wedding photos when they reach Facebook, but feeling good about love in the world.

Interesting article. Must come back to that.

Write a comment on a friends’ post. Re-read comment. On second thoughts, that doesn’t seem a very valuable thing to contribute to the conversation. Delete. End up not posting.

Blogger I follow has posted a new post. Must come back to that.

Teenaged friend (apparently three of them are still on Facebook) has written an emotional status update that I hope she won’t regret later on.

Funny meme makes me laugh. Comment and share it over on my Facebook page. Try to tag the person whose feed I originally saw it on. Facebook doesn’t want to let me tag. Frustrated.

Check out one of my Facebook groups. Interesting conversation thread going on. Read and contribute.

Pop up a photo of my boys.

Facebook suddenly realises that I actually like seeing photos of my friends’ kids. Feed alters and shows photos from weeks ago that I wish I saw first time around. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like.

Oh bugger! Where are those articles I was going to head back to? I should really use saved items.

Check saved items. Around fifty articles that I haven’t gotten around to reading waiting for me. Quickly close saved items.

Check Instagram. Like all the pretty.

New Collective magazine arrived in the post yesterday. Can’t wait to get reading. But first want to take a photo and share my excitement on instagram.  But I don’t have any flowers or cute things on hand to style a shot. And everyone styles their Collective magazine shots. Consider not posting. Berate myself for over-thinking. End up posting a close-up of the magazine.

Check time.


Okay boys, hurry, hurry, hurry we have to leave now.

Do I have time for an everyday style Instagram selfie? For goodness sake, NO!
Woman, get out of the door!

What does your social media use look like?

21 thoughts on “A day in the life of my social media

  1. The Life of Clare says:

    I laughed my way through this post, nodding in agreement. Then read it out to hubby, who neither has any social media nor cares and laughed again. He didn’t get it but I did.

  2. cat@thatbettiething says:

    Maybe I should get some tips from you at social media Robyna! I am prob the polar opposite but maybe it’s time for me to come into this century….
    Great post x

  3. Emily says:

    Smiled the whole way through, love it! I can so relate to this Robyna , just sprinkle in a couple of extras like I should be getting dressed now! or ” Mum, are you going to get dressed?”. Minus the nappy change and homework, add “could you please braid my hair like this beautiful do on Pinterest” and it sounds a lot like my morning. Emily 🙂

  4. Clare at Girl Fifteen says:

    I have to say that I am rather impressed that you get all of this done/not done before leaving the house! If I want to revisit a post, I take a screen shot so that it is in my pics and I remember (sometimes).

  5. Flat Bum Mum says:

    Robyna, You are talking my social language girl! I think we need to set a new start time for social media. Not till the kids are dropped off! Can we do it??? Bron x

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