ProBlogger & helping the parent who stays home

helping out parent who stays home

In less than two weeks, I will be attending the ProBlogger conference – two days dedicated to all things blogging and a chance for some “me” time. I am excited, nervous and so looking forward to meeting some online friends and heroes in real life.

I am also leaving my two boys under the exclusive care of their father. This is not an issue. My husband is perfectly capable. He is not one of those hapless and helpless types favoured by nappy commercials back in the day.

However, he isn’t as familiar with their day-to-day minutiae as I am. He doesn’t have their time tables ingrained in his mind the same way I do. And he isn’t a morning person. So I know getting himself and two boys out the door solo isn’t going to be easy. I think it’s good for him to have to wrangle the kids solo occasionally – just so that he understands a little of what I do each day. But I do want him to enjoy it.

To help him out, I have put together this printable to assist with organising the boys while I am away. 

While I am away cheat sheet - Thur - Sunday - JPEG

click on the image to download the PDF

I’ll include school drop off and pick up times, soccer games, play dates and meal suggestions. I’ll note when the library books are due and what uniform needs to be worn on what day. I might also hint that some FaceTime in the evening would be a good idea.

I thought that the printable might be helpful for other people. So, I have also made a full week one for you to use. It might even come in handy for the person who does the main share of child wrangling. There is space for three kidilinks and their activities (sorry to those with more than three – you might need to print it out twice).

While I am away cheat sheet - JPEG

click on the image to download the PDF


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How do you help your partner out when they take on an unusually large share of the child care duties?


4 thoughts on “ProBlogger & helping the parent who stays home

  1. Sandra Kelly says:

    Pretty and useful once again Robyna. I used to have lists all over the fridge for my Mum and Husband if I ever went away (which wasn’t often). An organisational nightmare for me. Even just the cuteness of these would have made making those lists a whole lot more fun. Enjoy ProBlogger! 🙂 Xx

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