What I learned about self belief from ProBlogger

Every month I focus on a different topic. Things that are important to me. Things I think are important to other mothers of young children. This month is a biggie: Self Belief. 

self belief

I feel okay with my self esteem and self confidence. After a shaky start during my teenage years, I think I have those covered. But self belief is a whole other ball game. It’s a bit wobbly. My inner cynic is practically screaming as I write, telling me to stay clear of this topic – that it’s all a bit woo-woo and not for me.

But self belief remains the defining characteristic of so many people I hold in high esteem. Heroes and role models. The people that have an unwavering and tenacious belief in themselves and their dreams.

ProBlogger had its share of heroes and role models as key speakers. I tried to search for the common thread that held very disparate people together, and I found it in self belief.  Read more