Friendships: This Month’s Focus

The first few months after having a baby (particularly your first) are disorienting, isolating and a little bit lonely. I am so grateful that I had a network of support around me. Friends that I could call at any hour. Friends to laugh with. Friends to cry with. Friends to complain to. Friends I could hand a baby to when I just needed five seconds to myself.

Note to pregnant mums: build your support networks just as carefully as you prepare the nursery. You are going to need back-up more than your baby will need twenty bond’s wonder suits. And in reality that back-up is most likely to going to in the form of another mum.


Friendships change after a baby arrives. Some thrive, some lapse for a few years and yet others drift away. You make new friends as your children enter new phases, re-discover old friends and sometimes say good-bye. This month is dedicated to friendships – making them, maintaining them and, when necessary, letting them go.

This month I am going to explore friendships in the context of motherhood.

Here are some things I know …

  • I know motherhood is a lot easier with good friends by your side.
  • I know life in general is a lot better with good friends by your side.
  • I know life is too short to spend it with people who don’t make you feel good.
  • I know that the best way to have good friends, is to be one.
  • I know that friendships need a little bit of nurturing now and again.
  • I know that if you give me half a chance to make a printable, I will.  So here’s a little friendship bingo card for the month. Why not commit to friendship building this month?


Friends Bingo JPEG

click on image for PDF

Arrow 3

How good are friends? Really?



6 thoughts on “Friendships: This Month’s Focus

    • Robyna says:

      I think the key is to have friends around you – whether it’s through a mothers group or other means. With my first I had a few mothers groups, with my next child, I had my support systems sorted and didn’t need one.

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