The lazy (but organised) girl’s guide to the festive season

The stardust has settled on Christmas and I have finally exhaled. One of my previous roles in life before kids was a project manager. I never quite kicked the habit of reflecting on lessons learned at the end of a big thing. So I have been thinking about the festive season, how stressy it’s all been and how I might be a bit more organised next year.

the lazy girl's guide to Christmas 2016

This is basically a note from my 2015 self to my Christmas 2016 self. My aim is to be one of those smug December people who say “Oh, I had everything organised for Christmas weeks ago.” I know – everyone hates those people. I still want to be them. 

Here’s the  lazy (but organised) girl’s guide to the festive season:

  • Write all Christmas cards in January 2016. Address and have ready to send out the first week of December. Hope no-one moves and I remember where I put the cards.
  • Definitely get photos with Santa Paws again at the RSPCA. The whole family can be in the photo. There are no stressful lines. The dog doesn’t pout when you go out without him again. The money goes to a good cause. It’s in November. What’s not to love?
  • Stay strong on Elf on the Shelf. Don’t do it.
  • Buy five hundred rolls of sticky-tape. Hide them from the kids.
  • Buy Christmas paper during the January sales. Be on the lookout for Christmas presents during the year. Wrap them as they are bought. Do not forget what the original item was. Do not forget where you have put the presents. Keep the receipts. Just in case.
  • Drink More. Stress Less. Be Merry.
  • Watch Love Actually. Lots. Side note: Love Actually is a Christmas movie. Die Hard is a movie set at Christmas time. Just so that we are clear.
  • Do NOT (repeat DO NOT) buy a present that requires six hours worth of assembly and several cuss words on Christmas Eve. There is a reason Santa employs a workshop full of elves.
  • DO make an appointment with the hair dresser prior to Christmas. Maybe book for early December 2016 in January 2016 while I am actually thinking about it. This way I won’t have Santa brows and silvery roots in all the Christmas photos. Telling myself I am looking yule-tide festive isn’t going to cut it.
  • Buy the kids novelty Christmas t-shirts on sale during January. If they are cute (and they NEVER are for boys – what do skulls have to do with Christmas for goodness sake?) buy in multiple sizes for multiple years.
  • Raid Aldi for Christmassy food in November. Stash for inevitable events to which I need to bring a plate. Stock a few choccie boxes and wrap for those awkward “oh-thank-you!-you-shouldn’t-have-and-I-totally-bought-you-a-present-too” moments.
  • Definitely get another one of these babies for next year. Best. Advent. Calendar. Ever. I won one at the Everyday Style lunch Nikki of Styling You generously hosted but I’ll be saving up to buy one next year.
  • Get all the necessary Christmas stuff done before going on holiday in early December. That week is worth about a month of normal time. It’s like it operates within dog years.
  • When the school stationery list comes out just order it. Don’t go all bargain hunter and vow to find it cheaper in the new year. The stress is not worth the $15.

Basically, when that last school bell rings for the year I want to feel the same sense of freedom as the kids. I want to be done with all the lists and spend the days making stuff, doing stuff and going places with my kids. I want to catch up with family and friends and not have it feel like another thing “to do”. I  really want to enjoy the lead up to Christmas.

Arrow 2

So that’s my 2016 plan.
Any things you learned this year to add? 

I hope that your Christmas was wonderful &
let’s hope 2016 is a great year for us all.


7 thoughts on “The lazy (but organised) girl’s guide to the festive season

  1. Karen Suzanne | Style Loving 2 says:

    I love your tips and I’m going to follow them. Ok maybe not I’m the world’s best procrastinator, that and I tend to under estimate how long things will actually take me to do.
    So I have a feeling that Christmas 2016 will end up being the mad last minute rush that it always is, but I live on the promise of ‘Maybe I will be organised next year’
    Happy New Year Robyna xxx
    Karen Suzanne | Style Loving 2 recently posted…nostalgicMy Profile

  2. Lisa says:

    Haha loved your list Robyna. Good luck with the prep for 2016! The best thing is to have Christmas at someone else’s house & bring your allocated salad. We had a Xmas breakfast with my parents this year which worked out well, then lunch with the in-laws… the best relaxed Christmas ever!

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