6 ideas on what to do with this year’s Christmas cards

For a little while we saw a significant drop off in Christmas cards. No doubt because of my own slackness when it comes to sending them. I love them. I love the idea of them. I just never seem to be organised enough to get them out before Christmas. Maybe I should start a tradition of New Years cards. Or mid-year cards. Or implement my 2016 Christmas plan.

When my son started school we started to get Christmas cards back into the house in large numbers. I enthusiastically displayed them, loved reading them and adored looking at them. But as I contemplate the Christmas clean up, I am wondering – what do we do them?
six ways to reuse christmas cards

Here are 6 ideas on what to do with this year’s Christmas cards. 

  1. Christmas Card Bunting
    1You could take this a step further and spell out Merry Christmas by adding letters to each flag. You could even use it to hang next years cards on.
  2. Garlands
    Cut the same sized shapes out of the cards, hearts or stars for example. Sew them together to hang around next years tree.
  3. Gift Tags
    Always a great way to recycle Christmas cards – turn them into gift tags for next year
    Christmas Card Gift Tag
  4. Christmas Ornaments
    These star wreaths look beautiful made out of christmas cards, as do these baubles.
  5. Ribbon Sewing
    Cut out an appropriate shape from your Christmas card and hole punch all around it. Get the kids to thread ribbon through. You could use as a gift tag, decoration or paste onto card for a Christmas card for next year.
    Ribbon Christmas Card
  6. Snowglobe Card
    How cute are these gorgeous snow globe cards? You could save your Christmas cards from this year to make a collage base for next year’s creation. I almost can’t wait for it to be Christmas again (okay, I really can).

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Do you send cards? Love receiving them?
What do you do with them at the end of the festive season?

22 thoughts on “6 ideas on what to do with this year’s Christmas cards

  1. Clare says:

    Great ideas! I remember making tags out of old cards with my Grandma. Some cards I keep and I recycle the rest, this year I may keep a ‘2016 tag’ pile!

  2. Cristin @ Between Roots and Wings says:

    Such cute ideas. I always feel wrong about tossing Christmas cards, as well.
    By the way, my Mom started a tradition of sending Valentines cards because she never got around to Christmas cards – it’s fun to get a card a little later in the year!

  3. Catherine Elizabeth says:

    These are such great ideas! I’m such a card hoarder, especially if it’s got a cute picture on it – I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it!
    I may have to give the bunting a go 🙂

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