Being Kind at Christmas – why is it so hard?

At a time of year meant to be filled with joy, kindness and goodwill, I often encounter the opposite. Car-parks, time and nerves are all in short supply and the kids have only just started holidays. Why is it so hard to be kind at Christmas?

Just be kind

The other day I was in our local shopping centre and it should have come with M15+ strong language warning. Arguments over who saw a car-park first,  people ignoring give-way signs and other people swearing at them for doing so, patience running thin at checkouts and people squeezing into too-full lifts. Apparently, no-one with kind word, only exasperation about being one of many who decided to shop that day.  Read more

Oh the places you’ll go after kids – Brisbane’s best picks

After you have your first baby, it seems like the number of places you can go dwindles. Cafes with narrow spaces and no room for prams are out. Expensive restaurants are no places for infants. Nightclubs are for other people. Basically anywhere that requires you to be up past 9pm is a long forgotten relic of night times past.

Places with kids

However, there are some awesome places you discover AFTER having kids.

Here’s my Brisbane list.. 

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Buying presents for kids that parents won’t hate

Shopping for kid’s Christmas presents is kind of fun. Particularly when you don’t have any of your own (kids that is, not presents). I remember those child-free days, when the toy aisle were corridors of nostalgic remembrance (I had that) and occasional envy (they never had those when I was kid). Now they are battle fields of hostage-like negotiation. Put that back. No, I’m not buying you that. We are here to buy your friend a present, remember? Yes, I think it’s very cool that the dinosaur can move and make noise. No, I’m not buying it for you. I don’t care if every other boy in your class has one. 
Buying Gifts for Kids
If you are buying for a child this year, and don’t have one of your own, chances are that you are thinking about what’s going to impress your little friend. Can I suggest you also spare a thought for their parents?

This handy guide will help.

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Camping for Fashionistas

I should be packing right now. Nine days of camping lie ahead. Nine days of nothing but surf, sand, friends, family and (hopefully) a non-leaking air-bed. It will be the longest stretch of time we have ever camped. Now, just to be clear we are a camping family but we are a convenience camping family. We go were the amenities are. No digging holes for me. I know a lot of people who prefer using a caravan to camping though, and I can completely understand why there are like that. You could easily check out something like this Camp Smart to show you how much more convenient a caravan could be.

Camping for Fashionistas

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Boys Haircuts + Pre-Judgement (yep, I do it)

It’s not nice to judge. We all know we shouldn’t do it. Aside from judging people who judge. Which is a loophole some people use that I have never quite gotten my head around. Not that I am judging them.

boys haircuts

I think I am fairly non-judgemental.  I won’t think less of a mum who loses it with her kids – we’ve all been there. I don’t normally jump to conclusions based on the way someone looks or acts. I try to teach my kids that every person has a lot more to them than initially meets the eye. But when it comes to  haircuts, particularly boys haircuts, I turn into Ms Judgement.  Read more