Free Perpetual Calendar Bunting

The Dutch have come up with some splendid ideas. Putting a truck-load of salt into liquorice (it’s an acquired taste). Making chocolate sprinkles specifically for toast (and yet I have never met an overweight Dutch person). Drinking coffee like it’s water (eight glasses a day – no problems.) But my favourite Dutch thing is the perpetual calendar.

Free Perpetual Calendar Bunting Download

Long before Facebook reminded us of upcoming birthdays, the Dutch affixed perpetual calendars on the doors of their loos and noted birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates. I have vivid childhood memories of that calendar, swinging off the bathroom door and making sure that no-one missed a birthday card.

Free Perpetual Calendar Bunting Download

As a three-quarters Dutch person, I hope I will be forgiven for taking this brilliant idea and modifying it into perpetual calendar bunting. I have enough space in my “office” (aka the hole in the wall where the computer sits) to hang this up, but you could always do it in quarters if you need shorter strings. Or you could hold the pages together with bull dog clips and have a more traditional calendar. You could even hang it in the loo if you are feeling very Dutch.

Free Perpetual Calendar Download

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Free Perpetual Calendar Bunting Download

How to Make the Perpetual Calendar Bunting

  1. Print out the PDF. If you have the option, print as border-less A4.
  2. Cut the flags out.
  3. Hole punch either sides of the flags.
  4. Thread them together and hang.
  5. Note all important birthdays and anniversaries.
  6. Never forget an important date again.

I am a huge fan of calendars. Every month I create a calendar for the coming month as part of my newsletter.  If you want to get one every month, why not sign up? I send a newsletter every month and that’s about it.

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My lovely and talented online friend Deb from Sew Crafty Goodness has created some cute calendar print outs for this year that you might like to check out.

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Are you a calendar fan?
Ever had salted liquorice?

10 thoughts on “Free Perpetual Calendar Bunting

  1. Sarah @ Sarah's Heart Writes says:

    I LOVE perpetual calendars. We used to get them all the time in the UK but I haven’t seen many of them here in Aus (but then again, I haven’t really been looking). They make remembering birthdays and anniversaries so easy. These ones are lovely Robyna, thank you very much xx
    Sarah @ Sarah’s Heart Writes recently posted…On reflectionMy Profile

  2. Michelle says:

    We’ve always used them too but I didn’t know it was a Dutch thing – I thought everyone used them! They are brilliant – I remember everyone’s birthday every year… even if I remember them a month or two late…

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