5 ways to wear a cropped top (when you think you can’t)

Remember when the cropped top was in vogue in the late nineties? My favourite outfit was a pair of baggy linen draw-string pants and a barely-there navy top. It showed off a huge expanse of tummy (toned and tanned back then) and the obligatory nineties belly button ring. I felt like the long lost white girl member of TLC.

Cropped is back but it’s definitely subtler. Barely a sliver of skin on display, if any. There are plenty of ways to wear a cropped top without showing tummy.

how to wear cropped

1. With a dress

A great way to utilise a cropped top is to wear it over a dress. It still allows you to see the waist-line, giving it a more flattering silhouette than if you wore a longer top.

cropped with long dress

Amp up a maxi with a cropped top

cropped with short dress

Turn a simple dress into office wear with a twist

2. With a top underneath

An easy cheat is to wear a simple tank or bustier under your cropped top. Keep it the same shade as your lower half for a stream-lined look.

Cropped with shorts

Keeping things solid with a black bustier underneath the cropped top.

3. With a high waist

This lace top is actually quite cropped but you cannot tell due to the high waisted skirt/pant. The lace detail also lets through a hint of skin. Sexy without being overt about it. A high waisted pencil skirt with a cropped top looks divine.

lace cropped

Cropped but not cropped

4. With light coverage

You can always try a little camouflage. Details like fringing or lace give you a little more coverage and perhaps a little more courage.

fringed and cropped

You can make this fringed top yourself – just click on the image to go to the link.

tie cropped

If you don’t own a cropped top, you can try tying something you do have to dip your toes in the water.

5. With just a sliver of skin

If you feel brave. Matching ensembles seem to work best. 
cropped outfitArrow 2

Have you embraced the cropped trend?
How do you incorporate it into your wardrobe?

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  1. the hipsterette says:

    The current ‘crop’ of midriff tops are sophisticated and subtle – all your options look great! Alas I am a decade or more advanced in age and think (for me at least) this style is best admired on others.

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