The post holiday blues – missing the chaos

It’s been a bit quiet around here. The big kid is back at school and the little guy and I have been pottering around, both a little bit at a loss. After weeks of noise and bustle everything has calmed down. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t love every moment of the holidays. There were plenty of times I couldn’t wait for school to start.

Holidays and Bikes

But now that it’s here I sort of miss the chaos.

The little guy is looking around for someone to play with and is summarily unimpressed with the option of Mummy only. Soon there will be days when he is at care and I’ll have actual, continuous hours to get work done. Rather then squeezing it in the spaces between making meals, playing lego and refereeing arguments. I’ll appreciate the time and the quiet but I’ll miss the holiday antics.

Like on the rainy day that the dog decided to roll around in the mud and was in desperate needed of a bath. The dog is no fan of baths. The dog likes to punish me when I do things he doesn’t like. Punishment consists of pooing on things he shouldn’t. I was downstairs as Hugo was wreaking his revenge upstairs. Rather than just coming and getting me, the big kid took took a photo with my phone to show me the evidence of the revenge and thought he was hilarious to do so. I am slightly concerned what his text messages might contain in years to come.

Another time the big kids bedroom became infested with grandmother moths. So called because they are as large as the average grandmother they have markings like a grandmother’s shawl. Five of the things fluttered around his room. I tried to coax them out of the room with a broom. There may have been squealing. I may have completely deteriorated any feminist values I had installed in my boys about women being capable of doing anything. My son phoned my husband. “Dad – Mum is trying to get rid of moths and she’s not very good at it.”  “You have to hit them with a shoe,” he said, “Hard. They fight death.” I had no desire to be a shoe welding moth mass murderer. I wanted to gently usher them outside into the night sky. We waited for Daddy. He proved highly efficient with that shoe.

Then there was the day of the haircut. I finally succumbed and allowed a variation of the “Ronaldo” haircut. Something less trendy and more 50s back and sides. The big kid has been wearing the slightly un-official Ronaldo uniform he received for his birthday pretty much non-stop. With both the uniform and the haircut he was completely chuffed with himself and told everyone about it. Including the lady at the chemist who was helping me select a fragrance for a friend. She smiled and procured a small sample of Christiano Ronaldo’s fragrance, Legacy. “Now I can smell like Ronaldo!” my big guy said excitedly. After dousing himself in most of the sample he told me “Ronaldo smells quite strong doesn’t he?”

It hasn’t been all giant insects, hero-worship and dog poo. There have been bike rides, beach trips, surfing attempts (which went very well), trips to creeks and waterfalls, kids movies (which I cried at and the kids did not), visits with friends and a lot of time at the local pool. There were sleep ins and pancakes most mornings (you can read about how awesome Holiday Mum is over at Flat Bum Mum)

But now it’s back to real life. Until Easter.

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Do you sort of miss the holidays now that they are over?
Do I just have very rosy coloured glasses on?

6 thoughts on “The post holiday blues – missing the chaos

    • Robyna says:

      I am at the – gosh I forgot how short the school day is and I have 3 more hours work to squish into 1 hour – part of the process 🙂

  1. Alicia-OneMotherHen says:

    My kids go back after the weekend in SA and I for one CANNOT wait. I am over the great bits of school holidays and just want it to be over! Looking forward to seeing my girls flourish at the new school year x

    • Robyna says:

      I think I am feeling nostalgic because they are actually back – I think if they were still on holidays I’d be thinking the exact same thing!

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