How to make a fringed top

Normally my style is fairy classic with a twist. But there are times I like to venture into boho territory. I made this cute fringed top for my inner hippie. I am heading to a John Butler Trio concert at the end of the month. I think it will be perfect.

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8 things I learned about running my own business

Last year at this time I was in the terrifying and exhilarating position of setting up my own business. Not talking about it. Not dreaming about it. Not conceptualising it or taking courses on how to do it. Actually doing it.

What I learned

It was a steep learning curve. I’ll warn you now – this is not going to be a post about how I made seven figures, worked 20 minutes a day and lost 15 kilos in the process. There are plenty of those stories on the internet if you want them – but this isn’t one. Truth is there were weeks I barely covered the cost of the daycare that allowed me to work. Cue the mother guilt right there. There were plenty of days when I realised that working for myself was never going to deliver the work/life balance I craved. Sure, it delivers flexibility and independence but working for yourself is a hungry beast that could eat 24/7 if you let it.

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Why I don’t need you to inspire me. But I WANT you to.

When this blog was in its infancy, the tag line was “empowering mothers, inspiring minxes”. We were shiny-eyed with enthusiasm and the idea that we could touch other women’s lives in a positive way. The promise of doing something purposeful and visible. Something to fill an empty space while our careers where on maternity leave.

Then I started to notice something. How often a new writer would introduce themselves and their blog with the words “I can’t wait to inspire/empower/teach you how to make your life better”. Words that reflected the ones we had used.

inspiration. don't force it.

Words I found grating. They rankled and bristled and left a bitter taste. They did not compel me to explore that writers work. They left me asking questions – Why does this person presume my life is not complete without them? Why have they assumed they will inspire me? What’s wrong with how I am right now?  Read more

Sew? You ready to start?

I have decided to try something a bit different on the blog and occasionally post about style on Saturdays. I love clothes. I love making clothes. I love planning out what I am going to wear. I love accessorising. I love shopping. I love seeing what other people are wearing. All of it. And I wanted to share some of that love with you.

I thought I’d start with talking about sewing. My lovely sister in laws bought me an overlocker for Christmas and I have been sewing like a woman possessed. There’s an amazing alchemy to sewing. I dream something and then bring it to life. If I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for in store, I can whip it up under the machine.

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Free Perpetual Calendar Bunting

The Dutch have come up with some splendid ideas. Putting a truck-load of salt into liquorice (it’s an acquired taste). Making chocolate sprinkles specifically for toast (and yet I have never met an overweight Dutch person). Drinking coffee like it’s water (eight glasses a day – no problems.) But my favourite Dutch thing is the perpetual calendar.

Free Perpetual Calendar Bunting Download

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2016: Space, Focus & Treading Gently


Last year around this time I bought a diary. The cover promised 2015 would be my year. I feel hard for that idea. Determined that 2015 would see success, motivation and inspiration. That I would be filled with ambition and the year would deliver amazing things. Such a lot of pressure on the infant shoulders of a brand new year. I wasn’t the only one. Many of my Facebook friends declared similar expectations. That 2015 would be the year of abundant success.  Read more