7 Style Rules you should break today

I’ll let you in on a secret. I am actually a big fan of rules. The kind that make sense and keep us safe. Stop at red lights. Be careful with your passwords. Don’t go the wrong way up one way streets. That kind of thing. I am not a fan of rules that do nothing but shame, limit and make people feel inadequate. Parenting rules and style rules are at the top of my list to ignore.

7 style rules to break

Here are 7 “style rules” I think we should break … 

    1. You can’t wear X if you are older than Y
      The older I get, the more I dress to please myself. And if it pleases myself to wear a pair of short shorts or a cropped top, I shall. The funny thing about style and confidence is that it gets better as you get older. So why let the younger crowd have all the fun when you finally have the confidence to rock a look? And there are plenty of ways to incorporate trends when you might be a little older than twenty. Check out how to wear cropped tops.
    2. That colour doesn’t suit you
      For a really long time I thought I couldn’t wear yellow. I thought it washed me out. What I actually couldn’t wear was a light shade of yellow near my face. A bright pop of yellow is perfect for me. Don’t outright dismiss a colour because of your colouring. Try it out in a variety of shades or look for style icons with similar colouring to your own for inspiration. Emma Stone constantly dispels the myth that red heads can’t wear pink.
      Yellow and blondes
    3. Sequins are for evening
      Sequins are for giving life a little wink and spreading joy. Why limit that to the evening hours? I love a bit of bling during the day. A sequinned top with a casual pair of shorts is perfect for a bit of summery happiness.
    4. You have to wear a garment the way it was designed
      Hey, they are your clothes — wear them how you want. I love a garment that can be worn alternate ways, even if that wasn’t quite what the designer had in mind. As per the below….

  1. School runs, grocery stores and kids’  soccer games are not runways – don’t over-dress
    I am not advocating a return to the days of hats, stockings and gloves at all times (although I secretly wonder what that would be like). But I do think you should wear what you want, where you want and do it with unabandoned joy. I find my lifestyle as a mum has severely limited the traditional opportunities to dress up. But I still have lovely clothes I like taking for a whirl. Why not? If you have spent money on them, and you love them, why limit your wardrobe? And if you aren’t into clothes, that’s cool too – just because someone dresses up doesn’t mean everyone needs to or that they are secretly judging those that don’t. It’s just their thing.
  2. Blue and green should never be seen without something in between.
    You can’t wear navy with black. Green and red are for Christmas only. So many taboo colour combinations! Mother nature painted the ocean in shades of green and blue and I ain’t arguing with her fashion sense. I love blue and green for a fresh summery look. Navy and black can look incredibly classy. Red and green can definitely work outside of yuletide season. Colour is such a fun thing to play with. Why limit ourselves with rules?
  3. Don’t wear tights as pants.
    Okay, I sort of do agree with this one. That said, there are exceptions to every rule and I have a gorgeous friend who pulls off tights as pants like a freaking super model. For the rest of us mere mortals, it’s probably best to ensure our tops extend past our butts when wearing tights. My favourite trick is to wear a very long-line black singlet over black tights. This gives you a sleek base outfit which opens up plenty of wardrobe options as far as the length of your tops go, without having to worry about CT (you know what I’m talking about).

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Any style rules you love to break?

14 thoughts on “7 Style Rules you should break today

  1. Kara says:

    Tights and leggings are not pants. They are not pants. :p

    I’ve been known to rock a pink shirt or two and I’m a redhead. A light pink is most flattering, anything darker = not so much. (Neon pink Broncos scarf is the exception!)

  2. Kate @onesmalllife says:

    Absolutely agree. I’m a pretty stock standard dresser, don’t experiment too much, but not because of any rules per se (mostly just because I’m a bit lazy in that department!) Tell you what though, I have ‘wardrobe clean out’ on my to do list and when I get there I’m going to binge on your style posts for added inspiration. You have such a great flair! xx
    Kate @onesmalllife recently posted…I Give Up On Parenting AdviceMy Profile

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