Six ways to wear belts

Belts are the unsung heroes of my wardrobe. Not only do they add pop and polish, but they can be used to completely alter a garment. And as an added bonus, you can always pick them up for sale or find interesting ones at op-shops.

6 ways to wear a belt

Here are six ways to wear a belt that you might not have thought about …

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Planning for Good Health (a guest post)

All my good intentions for the new year were placed on hold until February. It’s the month people with children seem to start their resolutions. I was too busy keeping the kids entertained, labelling all the things and counting down the days until school started to get a move on in January.

One of my resolutions (like every other year) is to improve my heath and my family’s health. Today on the blog I have Sally from Health Insurance Comparison sharing some tips on how to actually plan for better health. I am quite fond of plans – they tend to be what it takes to get things to happen in my life.  Over to Sally ….

planning for good health

Planning for Good Health

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Eight things I learned about blogging in 2015

Is it too late in the year to still be posting about things I learned in 2015? I hope not. I have only recently had a chance to catch my breath and realise that it actually is honest-to-goodness new year. Not “woot woot baby new year – let’s do this thing” but “school has started, the business year has started, it’s gotten real and I actually do have to do this thing” new year.

8 things I learned about blogging in 2015

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Dressing Fearlessly

There is a certain kind of woman who dresses for no-one but herself. Ladies that carry themselves with a quiet confidence and the subtle throw-down:  “I don’t give a damn what you think – I look fabulous.”  I’d quite like to count myself amongst those women. Some days I pull it off. Some days I don’t. There is an art to dressing fearlessly – and it is so much more to do with state of mind than state of dress.

Dressing Fearlessly

I wore this to the Styling You #Everydaystyle lunch last year. I felt pretty fearless. The photo is courtesy of the very talented Rhubarb Photography, click on photo for link.

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The Baby-Sitters Club in 2016

If you want to evoke nostalgia amongst a group of thirty something women, just mention the Baby-Sitters Club. That group of entrepreneurial girls, one with their own phone line (unheard of in the eighties), who got up to innocent scrapes and paved the way for the racier twins at Sweet Valley High.

The Baby-Sitters club in 2016

What if it were set in 2016? Would today’s girls get it? I don’t know. Here’s what would have to change.

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Information, judgement and the space in between

School’s back. And that means school lunches need to be packed. Like other parents, I am quietly stalking blogs, Facebook pages and Pinterest for inspiration. On my way to finding an alternative to sandwiches, I am finding a fair bit of judgement which is in turn being met with a fair bit of judgement on said judgement. Then there is judgement on calling out the judgment. It’s a bit much when all I wanted was a recipe for some zucchini and carrot muffins.

information, choices, judgement & spaces in between

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we make such a big deal of something as innocuous as lunch boxes. Why do we jump to the conclusion that one person’s choice is a judgement on our own?  Read more