How to turn your camping holiday into a glamping holiday

We are a family who camps over Easter. I’m looking forward to camp fires, quiet days, beautiful surrounds, no internet, starry skies, the chance to put on a jumper and watching the kids get back to being kids. I embrace camping. On a certain level. You see, I prefer my camping on the glamping side.

Turn camping into glamping

Here’s how to make your camping trip into a glamping trip.

Your mates. Camp with friends. Friends with kids (if you have kids). Friends who are very organised, generous campers who always remember the things you don’t.

Your dog. Take your dog with you. Read the Techie Camper guide on how to go camping with dogs, and you’ll be able to bring him/her along without a problem.

Your bed. The key to having a great camping holiday is being comfortable and comfort is paramount when you are trying to catch up some sleep. I have found that having the mattress off the floor makes a huge difference and you can pick up relatively cheap stretchers at Kmart. We use an air mattress and fill it each morning – an extension cord for the pump to the car has been one of our best camping purchases. We also pack a spare air mattress. Yes, they come with repair kits but have you ever tried to find the leak on air bed? We use proper sheets and open sleeping bags as blankets. And bringing your home pillows goes without saying. If you can afford it, the best way to be able to sleep in luxury is to use a campervan and create a comfortable sleeping setup. OffGridSpot is a great website that goes into detail about all the features that your campervan should have, they even talk about what is the comfiest RV mattress!

Your chair. Our camping experience changed for the better the moment reclining chairs came into our lives. Those babies are the most comfortable things you will ever sit in. And camping really does involve quite a bit of sitting. I invest in sitting.

glamping chair

Your coffee.
Our lovely friends bring along their Nespresso machine (I’m not the only glamper in the group) but we also make sure that good espresso is never more than a quick drive away.6

Your reading. While doing all that sitting, you can catch up on those books you have been meaning to read or indulge in some magazine time. Buy a few things you don’t normally read and treat yourself. Or head to the library and take out some magazines. If colouring is your thing, do that. Or crosswords. Or card games. Or crochet.

Your drink of choice. Get your beers and bubbles on ice and within easy reach. Have a seperate Eski just for drinks and use dry ice as well as party ice to keep the whole shebang cooler for longer. So that you don’t have to interrupt your busy sitting schedule to buy more ice. Cut garnishes like mint or lemon and keep in zip lock bags in said eski. Bring nice glasses. Maybe not the crystal. Definitely remember the bottle opener.

Your ambience. You know what’s lovely when you camp? The lack of light pollution. Having said that, a few fairy lights never hurt anyone and they do add a certain sparkle at twilight. You can get battery operated ones these days.

Your nosh. We eat like kings and queens when we camp. Sometimes it feels like the whole day revolves around what we will eat next. There are second and third breakfasts. There is always an antipasto platter in the afternoon and a huge shared feast at night time. Sharing the cooking so that one family cooks per night gives everyone a break and saves on Eski space. We make sure that any cold food storage items we take are working efficiently and of good quality, otherwise our food just won’t stay at a good quality to last us our entire trip!

glamping cooking

Bigriggen Camping Grounds

Your bathroom. Check out the amenities before you head off. Most camp grounds have pretty good bathrooms these days, particularly the larger parks. Have a ready-packed bag or plastic basket with towels and all your bathroom stuff. Remember the shower thongs.

Your view. Position is everything. It’s a great idea to check out grounds before you stay to get a feel for where the prettiest views and most private sites are.

glamping view

Fingal Heads Camping Grounds

Your kids. If you travel with friends, the kids will look after each other and tire each other out by playing outside all day. If your kids are old enough, consider putting them into their own little tent near your own. The brilliant thing about camping is that the kids are actually ready for bed pretty early in the evening, allowing you to get back to that all-important sitting.

Hmmm, maybe I’m actually really looking forward to the sitting.

Glamping in the river

Training the littlest in the gentle art of sitting

If you’re wondering about what/how to pack clothes for camping, you could read this.

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Are you are camper, a glamper,
or a “hell no get me a hotel” kind of person?

21 thoughts on “How to turn your camping holiday into a glamping holiday

  1. Belinda Letchford says:

    Loved this! Made me wish we were going camping this Easter too – but too hot for camping where we live. But I’ll have to remember your tips for our July trip. Especially loved the fairy lights. Visiting from #IBOT.

  2. Kez Unprepared says:

    Love it! I think we’re on the same camping wavelength!
    We go every January and it’s so awesome. We recently bought my parents’ camper van from them – the type from the 80s where the beds pull out at each end. We have super comfy chairs, our favourite beverages, we’re not far from amazing wineries and breweries and kid friendly activities! Bliss! Not to mention that with WeberQs you can now make ANYTHING yummy your heart desires!!
    You get the best of both worlds – the glamping aspect of it all, but the ability to get back to basics and enjoy nature and family life πŸ™‚
    Kez Unprepared recently posted…I’m calling for a revolution: NOBODY IS PREGNANT UNLESS THEY TELL YOU OTHERWISE.My Profile

  3. Renee Wilson says:

    Wow. You certainly know how to camp. I’ve only been a few times with my husband and I’ve not enjoyed it at all. It may have something to do with lying on a 3/4 thermarest and sleeping in a tiny tent really only big enough for one adult. If we had a set up like yours I might change my mind.
    Renee Wilson recently posted…It seemed a good idea at the timeMy Profile

  4. Cat@lifethroughthehaze says:


    My hubby loves camping always has, I am far more of a hotel gal. I have done a fair share of camping in my time. We are not really set up properly for it at the moment. Though I am considering a WeberQ for hubby for Christmas which would certainly be great. I am ok with trailer camping and in that case we would also take a fridge (like all our friends do!) some even take tvs depending on the time of year (sport must be watched lol!)

    Slowly we will build up our camping equipment and probably start getting back into it of course with the odd hotel holiday thrown in!

    It is really the set up and pack up that I really hate, I am actually really fine with the sitting, lots of sitting and reading and crochet or knitting depending on my project at the time. Our kids are now well and truly old enough to entertain themselves at nearly 15 and nearly 11, the best thing is they all love fishing, riding and generally playing. Sometimes I do miss camping I saw an amazing website where they go and set up everything for you! That is my kind of camping. Have a look at my insta page (lifethroughthehaze) and have a look at the Kmart ad page! That is my style of camping lol.

    Have an amazing break away!
    Cat@lifethroughthehaze recently posted…Raindrops on roses …My Profile

    • Robyna says:

      Oh, I like the idea of someone else setting you up – that is definitely the least enjoyable part. Although tinkering with the tarp set up seems to give everyone something to do for the weekend!

  5. Fred J.Driks says:

    Hey Robyna,

    Indeed a nice share!!

    I just love glamping. I belong to an average American family that hates the smoke and mosquitoes but cannot bear to give up such a wilderness opportunity.

    Now available fully furnished tents with almost every amenity you will need for a camping excursion. Moms, no need to pack! Dad, do bring the fishing pole. And kids everywhere, prepare to have plenty of outdoor fun and sleep on a plush mattress come nightfall. Glamping is the perfect solution for anybody who wants to have a rustic outdoor getaway without all the work.

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