Sounds of the camp ground

They say smell is the sense most closely tied to memory. The right scent sends you hurtling back like an olfactory time-machine. But I think there is something about sound as well. Not just the memory-making music of youth — but noises.

During our recent camping trip I could tell the time of day by the light and by the sounds around me. I had no watch, no phone but I had the time within the half-hour.

Sounds of the bush

The Set-Up

Hammers echo throughout the camp ground, answering each other in tinks and tings

Engines grumble and air mattresses slowly rise

Terse voices as couples put tents together for the first time — a true test of any relationship

Slight, satisfying crackles as beers are opened and clinked in celebration of a readied site and the first drink of many

Then the silence as the noises of industry subside

And the realisation of the bush

The low hum of insects and the creek rushing over rocks

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The Dusk

Gas bottles hiss and heat dinner

Corks popping

Children scramble as they are called back to their camp sites

The sound of thunder rolling over the hills

Panicked campers battening down the hatches

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The Night-time

Low voices and the occasional ring of laughter

Adults gather around camp fires and children snore gently

Guitars strum somewhere in the distance

Scratching possums, unafraid of the rain, raiding anything and everything

The rain, falling harder, magnified sound upon the tarp strung taught

Under the covers now and straining to differentiate the water sounds. The heavy rain, water pooling and the creek filling, gathering stream.

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The Dawn

Kookaburras laughter denying sleep

The shushing of children who are up way too early

Crunch of gravel underfoot as the morning pilgrimage to the bathroom commences

Barbecues sizzling with promise

Children laughing and low murmurs becoming less concerned with waking those around them

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And then we all leave. Bush returns to quiet. Other sounds are magnified.

The low hum of insects, the rush of lizards in the bushes, the creek bubbling prettily as the  sounds of tyres on dirt fade away.

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What are your favourite holiday sounds?


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28 thoughts on “Sounds of the camp ground

  1. Renee Wilson says:

    You do make camping sound like a wonderful experience, Robyna and that’s coming from someone who’s a non-camper 🙂 My favourite holiday sounds are the ocean crashing on the shore, lorikeets squawking in Norfolk pines on dusk, the sand squelching between my toes 🙂
    Renee Wilson recently posted…Being threeMy Profile

  2. Sasha @ From the Left Field says:

    Oh this is so lovely! I could *almost* be persuaded to consider camping based on such lovely reflections. Almost. 😛 I love that our senses help cement memories. My favourite holiday sounds are giggling cherubs and the chink of ice in my glass while I’m sipping on a nice drink. x

  3. Kathy says:

    I love the sound of your camping trip, literally. The only thing is you have to stay two nights to justify the set-up/pack-up. Anytime you get close to nature and really present in life it is like the sounds (and smells) are magnified. I think it must be gratitude that does it.
    Kathy recently posted…Soft is not weakMy Profile

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