Pretty Tough: How to Wear It

There is something so cool about the juxtaposition of a delicate garment against a tougher element. Lace dresses and boots. Biker jackets with wispy confections underneath. Beautiful and intricate fabrics in unexpected darker colours.
pretty tough - how to wear it

A more substantial piece against something pretty lends an edge and can take it out of saccharine sweet territory. A touch of dainty paired with a something tough can add whimsy to the severe. It’s also a great way to add autumnal elements to a summery wardrobe. And with the weather in Brisbane at the moment, slight nods to autumn fashion is all the sunshine will allow.

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Useless Blogging: The most useful kind

There is a lengthy and wonderful conversation currently occurring about useless blogging and how useful it actually is. What constitutes a useful post? Should we really all be writing ’20 ways with kale’ type posts? What do you do when you come up empty? Or feel yourself falling short? Does anyone care anymore about posts that aren’t pinterest-worthy? Does every post need to solve a problem? Can’t we just get to know each other? Why does it feel like all people want to read is ’20 ways with kale’? Do you follow the path that seems to lead to more readers and advertisers? Or do you stay true to what makes your own heart sing?

all the lovely useless things

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Sounds of the camp ground

They say smell is the sense most closely tied to memory. The right scent sends you hurtling back like an olfactory time-machine. But I think there is something about sound as well. Not just the memory-making music of youth — but noises.

During our recent camping trip I could tell the time of day by the light and by the sounds around me. I had no watch, no phone but I had the time within the half-hour.

Sounds of the bush

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How to dress joyfully

I have just come back from a rare solo sojourn into town, a lunch coupled with a sneaky look into Zara and Uniqlo.  I browsed sales racks, new season offerings and a barrage of puffer vests – Uniqlo seems quite obsessed.

I also indulged in a bit of people watching.  A lady with short bright orange hair wore a striped orange maxi dress and a pair of orange feather earrings that grazed her shoulders. Another woman wore a short floral dress, boots and a garland of flowers in her hair.

how to dress joyfully

These women are flamboyant dressers and I love them for it. I love that kind of joyful style that encourages smiles all round. The absolute revelling in the creative power of dressing. The women whose fashion I admired had broken free of any of the shackles that can weigh us down when choosing our clothes. They chose for themselves. And I reckon they had a ball doing it.

But how do you get there? How do you get to dressing joyfully? Imagine if choosing your clothes each morning wasn’t a chore, but was something to look to forward to.  Read more