8 White Shirt Ideas

Ah the humble white shirt. Always on the basics list. But let’s face it – it can be a wee bit boring. Here are eight ideas to spice up your basic white shirt.6


  1. Add a tie
    The addition of pussy bow amps up a plain shirt and it’s easy as grabbing some thick ribbon and tying it around your neck.
    White Shirt - Pussy Bow
  2. Add a statement necklace
    A crisp white shirt is the perfect foil for a fancy necklace.
    statement necklace - white shirt
  3. Add a singlet
    Adding a singlet over the top is a cute way to add some warmth and interest.
    singlet - white shirt
  4. Add a cropped top
    A cropped top immediately adds a bit of quirky fun to your look. This works equally well with cropped jumpers.
    cropped top - white shirt
  5. Add a bustier
    Undoing a few buttons and wearing a bustier gives a white shirt a whole new, evening look.
    White Shirt - Bustier
  6. Wrap a man’s shirt
    Light on evening options? Grab your man’s white shirt and style it up a lá Audrey Hepburn. I think letting the cuffs down lends a I-don’t-care sexy flair.
    white shirt - mans wrapped

    A white shirt can work just as beautifully in a casual setting

  7. Under a casual t-shirt
    Pep up a casual shirt and short combination with a hint of white peeking through.
    white shirt - casual under t-shirt
  8. White shirt and denim
    Pairing white with denim always looks fresh. Works just as well (maybe better) with a half tuck and jeans.
    white shirt - and denim

style saturday

How do you style your whites?

25 thoughts on “8 White Shirt Ideas

    • Robyna says:

      That’s what napisan and bleach are for! It is such a cute look – I loved it the first time it came around with Clueless and those cropped jumpers and little skirts.

  1. Kit@lifethroughthehaze says:

    Why is it that you look stunning in every single outfit? I love the Audrey look! I really need to re-invest in a good white shirt. I like the jeans and white shirt collar up a la country look

  2. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    Do you know, I haven’t got a single white shirt in my wardrobe? Or any white clothes, come to that! I’m such a mucky pup, I think I’d get my white clothes dirty before I even put them on! You have totally aced every outfit, but the bustier one is my favourite. You have a way with whites!

    • Robyna says:

      I am a mucky pup too – thank goodness for napisan! I do have more white in my wardrobe than a mother of a toddle ought. The bustier is my favourite too.

  3. Bron from Flat Bum Mum says:

    Would you believe I don’t own a white shirt? Crazy I know. I am loving the bustier and cropped top look! Ok, I am loving all the looks. Just shows how we can make our wardrobes go much further than we think. Thanks so much for linking up with me on the Life and Style Link Up. xo

  4. Drew says:

    I never would have thought you could make a mans tshirt work so well for you but it actually looks great in every style you had it. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

    • Robyna says:

      Bahahaha. That might be a mistaken assumption for a lot of people. I have noticed many crop tops on the sales racks lately. I don’t that it quite took off.

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