There is no “too” in style

Style. Fashion. Words. Three loves and I adore it when they collide. I’ll talk (or write) style until the hem lines shift. But one thing bothers me a little. Whether I’m talking to a friend, or having an online chat about style, the word “too” appears.

It goes a bit like this: I’m too old, too wide, too short, too tall, too timid, my lifestyle is too boring, my wardrobe is too sparse and my bank account is too empty.

Style doesn’t require a certain body shape, it doesn’t have an age limit, a glamorous life is not a pre-requisite and it doesn’t even have to cost a great deal of money.

There is no too

You don’t need to be a certain age.

Last time I bought some clothes, they didn’t come with an age suggestion like Lego does. The kind no-one pays attention to anyways. On a very rare night out I was surrounded by gorgeous young things. Some of them were wearing super tight, super short, super low-cut clothes. And the only ones who weren’t slaying it, were those that looked obviously uncomfortable. They didn’t seem to be dressing for themselves, or their own comfort or their own sense of artistry. But the girls that did were absolutely smoking. That takes some confidence. And confidence (I have found) increases with age. You get to a point and you aren’t very interested in some-one else’s rules. You do things for yourself. Why get to a point in your life when you are brave enough to try new things, go against the flow and then deny yourself fun with fashion because some faceless person has deemed you too old? And on the flip side, I sometimes like adopting the eccentric octogenarian approach to dressing. All scarves and skirts and a devil-may-care attitude. My age doesn’t need come into it.

You don’t need to be a certain size.

I have items in my wardrobe from size 8 to size 16. They all fit. Some I have bought larger deliberately for a slouchier look. I know I’m lucky to fit into the standard sizing range. I know options narrow considerably on either side. But with online shopping and retailers becoming more savvy about their size ranges, I think there’s been no better time to dress.  If it makes you smile, wear it. To hell with anyone else.

You don’t need to be living a glamorous life.

I spend half my days chasing boys (the little type) and the other half working from home. But I never let a dull day stand in the way of a great outfit. You know who is worth looking lovely for – you. Just you.  Why not have fun with your wardrobe?

You don’t need money or an over-flowing wardrobe.  

Style isn’t about money. It cannot be bought. There are women who have few things in their wardrobe and they always look put together. Some people may have no shortage of money and never quite hit the mark. We all know that girl that looks amazing no matter what she puts on. You can be that girl. Just don’t let the “toos” stand in the way.

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I think in the end it’s all about letting go of your fear and finding what actually works for you – not the girl down the street or that blogger on Instagram. Don’t build walls that stand in the way of how you want to dress. Have fun. Be a rule-breaker. Even better — make your own.
Speaking of rule-breaking, I’m looking forward to joining in on Jo’s iCurvy Rule-Breaking challenge. If you are looking to change things up and throw away all the “toos” you might like to as well.
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Do you have a style “too” that you need to overcome?
Are you a rule-breaker?

20 thoughts on “There is no “too” in style

  1. Kez @ Awesomely Unprepared says:

    I absolutely love this. I turned 32 this year and for the first time in at least half a decade (or maybe longer) everything is coming together – my confidence and sense of style. I am the biggest I’ve ever been (a little too big health wise to be honest), but I’m the proudest of my style I’ve ever been. I don’t spend a lot of money (because I don’t have much of a disposable income) but I have really enjoyed finding inspiration. I just bought a pair of jeans from Jay Jays thank you very much (while I wish I could shop more boutique stuff and support other businesses I just honestly cannot afford it) – even though I’m always the oldest person in there haha. I don’t care for jeans that aren’t ripped and I love rock and roll tees. And leopard print. Always will. I will never think I’m too old for those! It’s just how you wear it (i.e. with confidence and class)! I’m finally understanding this is OK and I couldn’t be more pleased. Awesome post – very empowering 🙂
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    • Robyna says:

      Never never never ever too old. If a stranger compliments you, that’s huge – you must look completely awesome for that to happen.

  2. Kutira (SuperKombi) says:

    Hi Robyna,
    Love this post! I’m a firm believer in age just being a number. And it’s all the new 30 anyway. Similar with size – a few sizes up is often much more flattering. Its all about dressing for comfort – and feeling fabulous – with a hefty dose of fun thrown in!

  3. Clare says:

    Yes! So true, wear what you love and what makes you feel great! Just make sure it fits the way you want. I buy lots of my clothes at Goodwill and it is amazing how you shop differently when it is just a rail of tops/trousers/jumpers, no arranging, no merchandising, and half of the stuff I buy I am sure is menswear!
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