How to try a new trend

You’ve seen it worn on Instagram. It’s been winking at you whenever you see it in store. Your best friend has started wearing it. You can’t pick up a magazine without seeing the trend staring back at you. Maybe it’s time to try it?
How to try a new trend
Whether it’s sneakers with a dress, drop crotch pants, a fedora or a maxi skirt, adopting a look you aren’t familiar with can be tricky. But on the scale of risky behaviour, giving a new trend a whirl is pretty low. I reckon it’s fun to push our sense of style. Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen?

Here a my tips for trying a new look:

Check out Pinterest 

Do your research first and check out how other people are adopting the look you want to try. It can be really helpful to see how someone of a similar shape or age is interpreting a trend. You might even find that you can “shop your wardrobe” for a similar look with just a bit of online inspiration.

Shop your (and his) wardrobe

Sometimes a trend means wearing what you already have in a new way. For instance, if you are wanting to try a maxi skirt, do you have a long dress you can wear a top over to forge the look? If blazers are back in a big way, do you have anything in your corporate collection that you could use? Don’t forget to raid his wardrobe for belts, scarves, slouchy knits, hats and (if you have big feet like me) shoes.

Don’t spend stacks of money

If you aren’t sure about a new style direction, it makes no sense to shell out a stack of cash. The great thing about trends is that they filter down to chain and department stores pretty quickly. If you find you love it, you can always invest more in a better quality piece. Or if you aren’t comfortable with throw-away fashion, try your local op-shop. Nothing is entirely new in fashion and you are likely to find the pieces you need pre-loved.

Make it yours

You don’t have to blindly follow. Style is all about taking trends and making them your own. Love leopard print but not ready to fully commit? How about a bag, shoe or scarf? Love the sneaker look but it’s really not you? Why not try a ballet shoe with a slightly sporty look? Being able to subtly incorporate a trend into your wardrobe is the mark of a stylish woman.

Try on in store

Large department stores are great for trialling new looks because they have such a huge variety of options. Put aside some time to shop your trend – taking into account accessories as well as clothes. Bring along anything in your current wardrobe that you are wanting to incorporate. If you can find a helpful assistant, they can give you some more ideas. Best to go during a non-busy period if you want some help.

Try it in the comfort of your own home

If you are a bit shy about your new look, why not just try it at home first? Drop crotch pants are one of those trends that people hesitate to try but often love after first wear. And if you just wear them in the comfort of your own home to begin with, you will gain the confidence needed to wear them out.

Ask for feedback

Post a photo of your outfit to Instagram. Listen to people when they compliment your new look. Often we just need that little boost to confirm our style instincts. And if all you hear are crickets, but you love the look, that’s really all you need.

In the end, fashion can be a wonderfully fun playground if we adopt a carefree and curious attitude to dressing.

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What fashion trend are you wanting to try?

16 thoughts on “How to try a new trend

  1. Kez @ Awesomely Unprepared says:

    Great advice! I love Pinterest and looking at great Instagram pics for inspiration. I only adopt the styles that flatter me as an individual and make me feel good. I think that’s the key to not looking like a ‘fashion victim’. Style and fashion are not the same thing (although they can definitely overlap in the most wonderful way)! x
    Kez @ Awesomely Unprepared recently posted…3 things that have creeped me out.My Profile

    • Robyna says:

      I think that’s exactly it – taking trends and making them your own so that they don’t even look like trends is the trick!

  2. Denyse says:

    What a good idea. Very helpful for many! I am not on trend anymore..if I ever was. Now I am retired and living in a coastal community I am ‘on trend’ for casual! Every.Single.Day. At least I wear something on my feet though.
    Denyse recently posted…Saturday Scenes. 366/213.My Profile

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thanks Robyna, great tips! Not every trend is right for everyone so making it work for you and your lifestyle and not spending a fortune outright is great advice!

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