Dressing to flatter your figure

how to flatter you figure

Let’s not be alarmed but Summer is coming. September holidays are here and beach days along with them.

The cozy winter weight was meant to have shifted on by now. Unfortunately, my wishful thinking method has failed spectacularly. I know I need to add some much need exercise to my routine (and less Tim Tams). But while I’m waiting for that to work, I thought I’d share some ways to flatter your figure. 

I almost called this post “Dressing Yourself Slim”, but truth is dressing in a flattering way has absolutely nothing to do with your size. It has everything to with how you use your shape and your confidence. I’ll show you some ideas to emphasise what you have and subtle tricks to create curves where you want them. But most of all, the key is making sure that the eye is drawn to your lovely face. You should aways remain the star in any outfit.

To be honest, the only reason I have realised what works for me is because I take part in #everydaystyle on instagram and now have a visual guide to what outfits seem to drop the kilos.

Even if you don’t want to post your OOTD to instagram, a quick snap of your outfit in the morning is a really useful tool in figuring out exactly what suits you. As they say, the camera doesn’t lie. Well, maybe it does after a few filters are applied, but you get my drift.

This what works for me…

The perfect length skirt/shorts

If a skirt hits me at just the right point, the magic happens. It’s the same for longer style shorts. There is a particular point (for me it’s just above the knee, particularly with full styles) where it just works. Everyone will have a different point where a skirt seems to transform into a wondrous thing – pop in front of a mirror, play with the hem of skirt your already own and find it.

Skirt length - dress to flatter your figure

Full skirt hitting at the right length, plus curved hem top to give shape.

Long singlet with cropped jacket

I have a long torso and this exaggerates it further. Long will always also look lean. The addition of a cropped jacket that finishes at my waist gives me definition.

Cropped Jacket + Long Singlet = Dress to flatter

A long singlet and a cropped jacket


Following on from the idea of long = lean, by using a block colour or similar shades, you elongate the body. This is why nude coloured shoes are so slimming on the leg – they create that idea of length. You can also use long beads to create the same illusion. On fuller tops, they also give some shape to the body by virtue of their weight.

Billowing sleeves

For me, long and billowing sleeves are a nice balance against wider hips. They are also a great idea if you aren’t comfortable with your arms.

Dressing to flatter your figure: Billowing tops

Highlighting the waist

Your natural waist is the point on your torso where you are slimmest. It can be very different from woman to woman. Whenever I draw in at the waist, it instantly adds shape and makes me appear slimmer. The garment might be naturally fitted, or I’ll wear a belt or use a jacket or cropped top that finishes at the line I want to draw attention to.

Using panels

I helped my gorgeous sister, who has recently had a baby, with some corporate outfits for an event she assisted me with. She’s VERY tall (I’m standing a step beside her here) and is currently breastfeeding. We shopped her wardrobe for a printed jersey dress she hadn’t worn before and a short, black trench coat, worn belted but slightly open to reveal the print as a panel. The belt emphasised her waist, while the open jacket provided panelling in slimming black.

Flattering Your Figure - Panels

My sister (right) looking gorgeous. Photo (cropped to show outfit) by the talented http://www.donevaphotographics.com


Highlights near face

Whether it’s a gorgeous necklace or a flattering shade of white — I will try to bring the focus back to my face. Bring the eye to where you want people to notice.

Flattering Your Figure - Focus to face

Skirt is a flattering length, cropped top gives shape, lighter colour on top and an interesting necklace to bring focus to face.


Arrow 2

Do you have any tricks for looking slimmer without actually going to the gym? (because I’m all ears)

20 thoughts on “Dressing to flatter your figure

    • Robyna says:

      I found that I keep the top pretty plain and simple when feeding and then had fun with the bottom half – which was bit less limited (aside from the baby weight!)

  1. Kez @ Awesomely Unprepared says:

    I think anyone of any size can dress well! Good taste fits anyone!
    I like this because we should love our bodies how they are now. Doesn’t mean we might not want to improve some things, but we should put just as much love into how we dress as we would if we were our ideal shape or size.That philosophy has done wonders for me!
    I learned that rolling up my jeans to just above the ankles has made my chubbier-than-I’d-like legs look that tiny bit more elongated and that thrills me!
    Kez @ Awesomely Unprepared recently posted…Taking Stock: September 2016 edition.My Profile

  2. Marnie says:

    I have wide hips and thick thighs, on a 5’3″ short waisted body. I really struggle to find my style that suits me. What would compliment one area cuts off and shortens me, and makes me look wider overall. How do you know which rules to follow when you don’t fit the mould?

    • Robyna says:

      There are some guidelines (not a fan of rules 🙂 ) that work for everyone – the solid colour block and using necklaces etc. to elongate for example. What you want to do is aim for balance. So perhaps some wide legged, long pants might work for you with a top that extends your shoulders so that your top half doesn’t look disproportionate. I honestly think you just need to play – either in your wardrobe or out at the shops and keeping trying things on until you start to notice what works for you. That’s why I like the idea of taking photos every day – you gradually learn what works.

  3. Hugzilla says:

    Holy shit. I know absolutely nothing about fashion but I’ve actually learnt a whole bunch of useful stuff here! I always wondered what the point of those tiny cropped jackets were. Now I know (and just to clarify, there is no sarcasm there whatsoever. LOL!)

    • Robyna says:

      Well, I am aiming for useful, so I’m chuffed 🙂 I have a bit of a problem with those cropped jackets – I own way too many of them. And I didn’t presume sarcasm, but that’s just my trusting nature, tee hee.

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