Summer Dressing: Beach to BBQ to Bar with Freez

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Beach, BBQ and Bar

Summer holidays are nearly here.

I can almost smell the salt air and feel the sand between my toes. My family will spend a fair bit of time at the beach, at BBQs and neighbourhood gatherings. I’m looking forward to sunny days on the coast and those glorious summer evenings with friends that seem to go on forever.

For those casual, relaxed days, I want to wear easy pieces that reflect my mood. No-fuss, easy-to-wear clothes that can be dressed up or down. The kinds of clothes that can be easily packed for a few days on the beach. Things I can throw over swimmers and just as easily wear at a beachside bar.

Freez has quite a few pieces that fit the bill. Today I’ll show you two pieces from their collection that will work beautifully from beach to BBQ to bar.

Freez Pocket Dress

I love navy rather than black as a neutral base. There is something classy about navy and it plays so beautifully with brighter colours. It’s also a nice change from black for summer. This dress is available in a range of prints and other colours as well.

A pair of great statement earrings or necklace is a quick way to dress things up and inject some style personality. And sparkly sandals are always a nice touch during the festive season.

Freez Bees Knees Jumpsuit 

I am a jumpsuit fan. They remind me of being a little kid  — my mum favoured making us them. They are also a great versatile piece. This one also comes in red.

One way to dress up a strapless top is to use a belt around the top of the neckline to add interest — it’s a nice way to bring attention back to your face and a little more interesting than a necklace. Just add heels, amp up the lippie and mascara and you’re good for beachside cocktails.

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There are few things I consider when I’m choosing summer basics. Here’s my checklist and how these two outfits stack up …

Pockets  With little kids, pockets are not only awesome but practical. Both garments sport patch pockets and the jumpsuit also has side pockets.

Breathable fabric Made of 100% rayon, these pieces are quite cool to wear.

Lightweight  Both pieces are lightweight and won’t take up much space in a suitcase.

Ironing They do require a quick once over, but I found them easy to iron. If you are rushed, it’s the kind of fabric where wrinkles “fall” during wear.

Stainability Water marks dry quickly. The darker colours mean that the inevitable marks aren’t too obvious.

Versatility Because both pieces are basic in colour and classic in shape, they offer a blank canvas. They are both easily dressed up or down.

Fit  I’m 177cm tall and a size 12. These garments are both M/12. The dress falls at a flattering length on me. The jumpsuit is comfortable and accommodates my longer than average torso but the elasticated waist means that it won’t be too long on others.

On & Off These pieces are both easy to get on and off, with no closures. Just makes it that little bit easier at the beach.

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What are your tips to take an outfit from beach to BBQ to bar?

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