Christmas Traditions – My Plan

christmas traditions

It’s getting busy isn’t it? I know my calendar is filling up quickly. And while parties and get-togethers are lots of fun, I want to make sure we have room for all the traditions that my family and I have come to love over the Christmas period.

Here’s a list of what we do over the festive period — it might help you plan your own traditions and decide when to do them. I also have a helpful printable to manage ALL the things at this time of year.  Read more

The Party Kit

The Party Kit

It’s that time of year where the invites start rolling in and texts are flying about finding “a good time to catch up before year end”. I love it. I love the catching up and the excuses to dress up. I love the rare opportunity to forget about being “mum” for the evening and just have fun.

But all that partying can take its toll on a girl who doesn’t party with any regularity during the year.

Because I’m not party fit, I have a party kit. A few pre-packed things in a cute little bag to help me through the season.  Read more