Instagram Confidence: How to get it

Occasionally I post outfit of the day photos to Instagram. It’s something I have done for a little while now, inspired by the blogging community and in particular the style bloggers I admire. It’s exciting to discover outfits that I can actually adopt and new ways to wear what I already have. I like finding new places to shop. The main reason I do it is to discover clothes and ways of wearing them that suit my style, stage and age. I don’t necessarily see that in traditional marketing. I wrote about that a little while ago.

Even now I tend to post with emotional blinkers on. I presume the only people seeing those posts are those within the #ootd communities. So when a friend outside that group comments, it gives me a little jolt. And I wonder anew what on earth they must think of me.

I figure there are lots of people who would like to join in on the fashion community action on Instagram but lack the confidence to do so. Or are worried about what others might think. This post is for you. 

Don’t worry about what others think.

No-one is going to think you are on yourself just because you post an outfit photo. And if they do, really who cares? If we limit ourselves by what others think, we end up missing out on what we really want to do. And for no better reason that protecting someone else’s view of us. You might think that you’ll appear vain, shallow and deluded. But you know you aren’t any of those things. You know that you can simultaneously be interested in fashion and the world around you. Posting your outfits doesn’t preclude you from being a compassionate, socially aware and intelligent woman. Anyone who thinks that is the deluded party.

Don’t worry about being Instagram perfect

One of the best things about the Instagram #ootd community is that is comprised of such huge diversity. As I said before, I don’t see my age and body type reflected in marketing terribly often. But I do see it on Instagram. That’s the beauty of it and the reason so many join in. So don’t think you have to look a certain way to be embraced. You really don’t.

Don’t worry about your photos being Instagram perfect either

Oh the early photos I took. Even now, I very rarely nail it. But it’s all in fun. And you do improve. You don’t have to emulate famous bloggers with perfect poses and exotic backgrounds. Really, the backyard will do nicely.

You don’t need a new outfit every day or even to take a photo every day.

It’s actually great when people post the same clothing, styled in slightly different ways. That’s where the realistic inspiration comes in. And it’s not a life time commitment. Lots of people post sporadically. Others find it really useful to post every day. I know lots of new mums do this. No-one might see them all day but bub, but they still want to look nice and to share that.

You don’t need to take a selfie

If getting in front of the camera is just not something you are comfortable with, you can still join in the fun. You can always take small vignettes of your outfit – your necklace, shoes, etc and stitch them together using something like the layout app. Or you could flat lay what you are wearing. Or just focus on one part of your outfit you love.

Instagram example

Use hashtags

Hashtags are like the smoke signal to your people on Instagram. By using hashtags you become part of a community that shares their style and outfit inspo. #Everydaystyle plus the monthly #SY challenge hashtag, #realmumstyle, #spotmystyle and #sharedmystyle are some great Aussie hashtags hosted by fabulous, stylish folks. They bring together women of all different ages, style and stages but with a lean towards the 25 – 60 age group. I.e. not teenagers and not unrealistic. Most style challenges will have their own set of hashtags. You can also use things like #30plustyle #summerstyle etc. to link into outfit inspiration feeds.

Change up your poses

I tend to look away from the camera in my posts. In all honesty, it’s because I don’t always wear makeup and I have the skin of a teenager. Not in the good way. In the acne way. But a nice friend asked me the other day to look at the camera and actually simile more often. And to be honest, I relate more to posts when others do that very thing. So, I’m going to try and do that more often. That’s me pushing my comfort zone.

Just do it

The best advice regarding anything you want to try. Just do it. It’s not a huge risk and you’ll no doubt connect with a wonderful community.

If public posting on Instagram really isn’t your thing, but you’d still like to share your own style and be inspired by others, you might like Nikki of Styling You’s closed #Everydaystyle Facebook group. One of the reasons she set up is for people who’d prefer to share more privately.

See you in the #style feeds.



What tips would you share with those
that are hesitant to share their style but want to?

10 thoughts on “Instagram Confidence: How to get it

  1. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    I love checking out the outfit posts, a) because I’m naturally nosey and b) because I love seeing how people style their outfits, especially as you say, when they wear the same item styled differently. It’s so inspiring! I rarely take style shots though because my fashion sense like my wardrobe, is definitely “capsule” and no one wants to keep seeing the same outfits on a different day!
    Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid recently posted…The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #99My Profile

  2. Kat @AnAussieinSF says:

    Outfit posts are the greatest! They give me ideas for ways to wear things differently or to wear items together that I’d never thought about before. I’m not exactly fashion-conscious but it’s nice to look at other people wearing pretty things and looking good.

  3. Kez @ Awesomely Unprepared says:

    I love this post. I have never had the confidence to post outfit pics. I can never get anyone to take them for me (or bless him when my husband does he’s a shocking photographer haha) and I don’t have a good camera right now with a timer!
    I told my mum today that I’m going to put a full length mirror on the back of my newly done up home office door just for outfit selfies and not to judge me haha. It’s the only room where the lighting is awesome and the backdrop will be decent (i.e. not completely unattractive or embarrassing) I’ve always wanted to at least try to dip my foot into the outfit selfie waters but have never felt entirely comfortable! Maybe this will be my year!
    Kez @ Awesomely Unprepared recently posted…Taking Stock: January 2017.My Profile

  4. Beth at says:

    Great post! I had the same feeling when I started blogging and posting outfit shots and selfies that my “real life” friends would think I was up myself. Once I shook that, it was a lot easier. Getting good pictures takes a bit of practice and it’s always embarrassing if someone accidentally scrolls back in your phone to the 15 photos you took of your outfit this morning but at least I’ll always have a decent profile pic – not one cropped out of a group shot 10 years ago.
    Beth at recently posted…Posh Picks: Boxing Day SalesMy Profile

    • Robyna says:

      Hahaha – that’s so true re the outtakes. And my son is well versed in taking PLENTY. Luckily (?) my phone is so full of photos, I have to cull often.

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