Winner winner chicken dinner!

Thank you to everyone for entering our giveaway. We were in stitches reading the comments that the small people come out with, but the one that had us really holding our sides was:

“…while describing to my 5 year old, Ms E the meaning of the word disgusting, my 7 year old, little Ms R pipes up, under her breath, “You mean seeing someone going to the toilet naked?” Well, it was my ensuite you walked into without an invite, Ms R!!!”

You have won the following package from Bree Naomee Photography:


Thanks for the giggle and we will send you all the information you need to put you in contact with Bree.

Robyna & Sarah xx

Reflection funnies

As a part of reflecting this month, I started to think about some of the funny things that have happened over the last little while. I hope they give you a chuckle too.


Funny thing 1:

Husband was unpacking the shopping recently and put an economy size box of condoms (24 to be exact) on the bench.

Me: “Holy moly hun, we’ve got enough to last us through the next few years there.”

Seriously if looks could kill, I would have dropped dead there.

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December – reflecting on the year that was

Untitled design

I was talking to my hubby on FaceTime last week and I ended up getting a bit emotional and saying, “I just don’t know if I have the energy for Christmas. I am just so tired.”

It is December. Another year has passed. The pressure of Christmas and New Year is upon us – presents, catching up with family and friends, over eating, over drinking, back-to-back social events, busy, busy, busy…. To be honest I don’t have it in me this year and here is why:

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Five super ace awesome things about being a FIFO wife

Over the last month I can safely say that I burnt myself out and ended up really sick. I also faced up to the fact that I can’t do ‘life’ on my own anymore and asked my husband to come home. It was a big, scary question to ask, but he said “yes” without even blinking. It’s a good feeling to know he’s coming home once he finds the right job.

I know what you’re all thinking – that’s not very funny Sarah…

DJ Lance 2

Well in an effort to turn my frown upside down, I thought I’d have a think about what makes FIFO life (or DIDO, BIBO, etc) super ace awesome fun! *said with a DJ Lance voice. Here is what I have come up with: Read more

10 ways to protect images of our kids on the internet

10 Ways to protect images of your kids on the internet

As a part of this month’s challenge, we thought it would be irresponsible of us if we didn’t discuss the serious side of keeping our kids images safe on the internet.

Many of us snap and post without giving it a second thought. But what are the risks once we post that photo?

I had a discussion yesterday with Detective Senior Sergent Steve Loth from Taskforce Argos. Taskforce Argos is a specialised branch in the Queensland Police Service that is responsible for the investigation into online child exploitation and abuse. Detective Senior Sergent Loth was very generous with his time and provided some key messages we should all be thinking of when we manage our photos. A lot of it is common sense, but it is a good reminder all the same. Read more