DIY beach jacket out of a towel

As soon as I saw the gorgeous, large Turkish towels at Big W, I knew they’d make an awesome DIY beach jacket. Something to throw over your togs, help dry off and stay warm all in one. After all, why should toddlers have all the cozy towel fun?
DIY Beach JacketHere’s how to make your own DIY Beach Jacket…

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How to make cheap clothes look expensive


We live in age of fast fashion. I can buy my clothes alongside my milk at Coles. An outfit worn by a celebrity will be re-interpreted in the chain stores within weeks. There are new jeans that cost less than a sandwich.

I feel uncomfortable about fast fashion for a number of reasons. Primarily the means by which stores can sell things so cheaply. It promotes a generic look along with a throw-away mentality. And, of course, it’s very difficult for independent designers, brands and shops to compete.

On the flip-side, I know that for a lot of people cheaper fashion means they have access to clothes they didn’t before.

Whether you are buying your clothes from Mix or from an Op Shop, here are seven ways to make a cheaper garment look more expensive and less generic: Read more

10 fun holiday craft ideas PLUS a holiday calendar

10 fun things to make these holidays

One of the things I love about school holidays is the chance to make things with my kids. I am a big fan of craft, sewing and generally getting creative. And even though I have boys, I am not going to let any gender stereo-types ruin our crafty days. So here’s our bucket list of holiday craft to make over the September break. You might find something fun to do with your kids too …  Read more

DIY Beaded Collar and a tale of broken things

I had two broken things. My husband’s old white business shirt. Frayed, thread-bare and ready for the rag bin. An old necklace, long ago tugged on by a baby and left in heap of forgotten yellow beads. Two broken things and an idea.

I have always loved false collars. There’s something a little rebellious, a little geeky and a little nostalgic about them. What a lovely alchemy to bring broken things back to life.
how to make a beaded collar

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