Unlock your Style: A book review & a story

Unlock Your Style - A Book Review

A few years back my dear friend spent a day with a stylist. She was pampered with new hair, fresh makeup, a wardrobe audit and advice. I was very curious, and yes, just a wee bit jealous.  My friend loved her experience and her hot new outfits but one morning with a stylist didn’t fundamentally change her style.

The idea of transformation or the revelation of our best selves is an alluring one. Read more

Making smarter food choices – it’s not so hard after all

Making healthier choices

As a twenty-something year old I was a poster girl for good health. I didn’t smoke. I didn’t dabble in drugs. I drank, but the total number of benders could be counted on one hand. I had the disposable income and time to spend on yoga and Pilates. My vegetarian lifestyle  meant my diet was full of fruit and vegetables. I was pretty lousy with sunscreen application, but all in all, my vaguely boring lifestyle made for good health.

As a thirty-something mother, my poster girl status is looking a bit tired and tattered. Bit like me really. I still don’t smoke, do drugs or drink in excess but I don’t think I can claim any brownie points. My exercise is now limited to chasing after my children, although I do try to squeeze in some classes. My now pescetarian lifestyle has left me pasta-rich and iron-poor. The yearly dental, optical and doctor check-ups often slide. My three meals a day tend to consist of my childrens’ left overs and the thought of making another sandwich for lunch leaves me a little ill. And through all this I am acutely aware that I need to lay solid foundations for healthy living for my sons.  Read more