How to create a uniform

I didn’t much care for my high school uniform. An uninspiring green and white plaid blouse, matched with a dowdy green skirt and thick brown stockings in winter. When you looked out over a sea of girls dressed the same way, we looked like a forrest with our tree trunk legs.

BUT, I did like not thinking about what to wear in the morning. I did like the lack of pressure. Whenever a free-dress day rolled around, anxiety about what to wear would come rolling in too.

Fast forward (just a few) years and I’m time poor in the mornings. While I love to plan outfits for special events, there are days I’d be happy to give dressing over to a uniform.

I think lots of women feel the same way — that it would be great to have a wardrobe where you can just grab and go, with zero thought. And look fabulous. Read more

Shop What You Got – the story so far

This month I have committed to wearing only 30 items, 30 different ways as part of Jo at iCurvy’s Shop What You Got challenge. The idea being that reducing my wardrobe to a capsule collection should a) make it easier to get dressed in the morning and b) prove to myself that I really don’t need any more clothes – or most of the ones I already own for that matter.

It’s also an exercise in creativity once the usual suspects have done their rotation and I need to mix and match in new ways.


Here’s how it’s gone so far.  Read more