I’m away – can you feed my blog? And other nice things bloggers do for each other.

I'm Away_ Can you feed my blog?Today 1000 plus bloggers will join their voices talking about compassion. My voice will be amongst them. I wanted to write something profound, but nothing came to me. I wanted to write something that might spark change, but my mind went blank. There are so many places where compassion is lacking – the way we treat refugees, the way we treat the mentally ill, the way we treat people who might look or act differently, the way we treat our earth, the way we treat our elders, the way we treat the original caretakers of our country, the way we treat ourselves: the list is seemingly endless. Compassion is something that is so sorely needed in so many arenas. But somewhere I see so much compassion is within the blogging community. Read more

Kindness, weirdness and being kind anyway

Being kind is always a good ideaI believe the majority of people are intrinsically kind. In the last little while I have been gifted a box of mangoes by a stranger who didn’t want to see them wasted. A young man helped me get baby E’s pram up a long flight of stairs (so grateful). I rang a government call centre, expecting to be frustrated, and was instead assisted by the most lovely and helpful lady.

I have been the beneficiary of kindness from strangers and my beautiful friends and family. I think most of us experience these kindnesses, if we stop to think about it. I think most of us give out kindness, without stopping to think about it. But sometimes we do think about it. We think too much about it and we get in the way of our own good intentions.  Read more