How to make a sandy, Easter bunny

Easter is around the corner and along with it ALL THE CHOCOLATE. We are trying to steer away from a pile of sugar that will last well into July. So a cute alternative is making Easter-ey gifts without all the tin foil.

This little sand bunny is easy and fun to make. The squashy sand means that the kids can play with the shape of it. You could even make a large one to act as a door stop. Nothing like a useful bunny.  Read more

Easter at my parents’ house – in words & pictures

Easter at my parents' tableMy parents’ house is filled with things. I don’t think they ever quite got the memo on minimalism. Every nook and cranny is stuffed with an interesting object: a find from travels, an antique, a piece of art, treasures created, found, gifted and bought. Every corner tells its own little story.

When Easter and Christmas come along, more things are added. The house overfills.  Read more