Six ways to wear belts

Belts are the unsung heroes of my wardrobe. Not only do they add pop and polish, but they can be used to completely alter a garment. And as an added bonus, you can always pick them up for sale or find interesting ones at op-shops.

6 ways to wear a belt

Here are six ways to wear a belt that you might not have thought about …

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5 ways to wear a cropped top (when you think you can’t)

Remember when the cropped top was in vogue in the late nineties? My favourite outfit was a pair of baggy linen draw-string pants and a barely-there navy top. It showed off a huge expanse of tummy (toned and tanned back then) and the obligatory nineties belly button ring. I felt like the long lost white girl member of TLC.

Cropped is back but it’s definitely subtler. Barely a sliver of skin on display, if any. There are plenty of ways to wear a cropped top without showing tummy.

how to wear cropped

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Camping for Fashionistas

I should be packing right now. Nine days of camping lie ahead. Nine days of nothing but surf, sand, friends, family and (hopefully) a non-leaking air-bed. It will be the longest stretch of time we have ever camped. Now, just to be clear we are a camping family but we are a convenience camping family. We go were the amenities are. No digging holes for me. I know a lot of people who prefer using a caravan to camping though, and I can completely understand why there are like that. You could easily check out something like this Camp Smart to show you how much more convenient a caravan could be.

Camping for Fashionistas

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Interview with Nikky of LaBelle Designs

an interview with LaBelle DesignsNestled into a leafy corner of Tarragindi sit three little shops. A florist, a workroom and a boutique. They are the kinds of little shops that are filled with treasures. The biggest treasures of all being the women who run them.

Today on the blog I am I talking to Nikky, the owner of LaBelle Designs. She speaks about the need to be creative, owning a small business, managing a brain that never stops working and the importance of supporting locally made. Read more

Make your wardrobe work and play with Philosophy Fashion

Making your wardrobe

Philosophy Fashion Australia generously gifted the clothing in this post.

When I worked full-time in a conservative office my clothing choices seemed easier.  A pencil skirt or tailored pant, a button-down shirt, killer heels and discrete jewellery. My weekend wardrobe was relaxed and casual. My party pieces were fun, short and generally bejewelled. Needless to say, these three separate wardrobes seldom hung out together. My different identities were neatly compartmentalised and so was my closet.

After having children, those identities became muddled. A different lifestyle (less party, more park), working from home (less pencil skirts, more PJ pants), children (less ironing, more stain tolerance) and suddenly my wardrobe needed to behave differently. I don’t have three separate wardrobes anymore. Closet space is at a premium and every piece of clothing taking up room needs to pay rent. I want pieces that I can wear in different ways for different occasions.  And I love it when brands understand that. One such brand is Philosophy Fashion Australia.  Read more