HELLO! Sarah – Catching up with an old friend

Today on the blog I am really excited to have Sarah over, shooting the breeze and chatting about life in general. Sarah started this blog with me last year around this time. She had to let co-authoring the blog go early in the year due to personal reasons. I often have readers ask about how Sarah is going, so it’s perfectly lovely to have here again, sharing her wisdom, humour and what life is teaching her right now.


hello Sarah

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Goodbye Dear Friend (but not really)

Laughing to the sideDo you have a friend whom you may not see for a bit, but then whenever you do, you just pick up where you left off? A person that you have always admired? Someone that lifts you up when you see them? The kind of person that leaves you feeling energised after speaking with them? Someone who is always trying to make the world a little bit better? Those kinds of friends are pretty wonderful. Read more