Coffee or tea?

“Coffee or tea?” she asks and then laughs as she interprets my pause.  Accurately. “It’s okay — we have an espresso machine, I’m not offering you instant.”

coffee or tea

And with that, I accept the coffee. My caffeine-addled brain anticipating the jolt.  Addicted to all the fast, fast, fast — the more, more, more.  Coffee suits my lifestyle. Cramming just a little bit more into each moment than is altogether healthy. Using that shot of espresso to push myself just that tiny bit further.

Tea isn’t like that. Tea is cosy and slow. Tea takes its time. It steeps and deepens and takes its sweet while to achieve full flavour.  You don’t rush tea. It’s not the kind of drink you slam down so that you can get to the next thing.  It’s the kind of drink that you take your time with. It goes well with books, chats, craft and late night television.  Read more

The need for space – time, perspective & place: my commitment to 2015

Every new year, my thoughts turn to my health. What I can do to improve it? How can I be more in tune with my body, heart and mind? This week, there will be a focus on health. Starting with what I consider the most important piece of the health puzzle: mental health.
grateful for the wild, untamed spaces

It was late afternoon and the storm clouds had already begun to blow in. But I craved the sand and the sea, so I headed down to the beach with baby E. Just him and I, a towel and the baby carrier. Unencumbered by cameras or phones. No shoes, both dressed only in our swimmers. I waded into the ocean, him close on my hip and we bounced over the waves together, his baby giggles and soft breath against my neck.

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