Nina’s Style Deconstructed

Nina's Style - Deconstructed

Once again I’m welcoming the Proudman family into my lounge room each Wednesday night. I am excited they are back. But, well, it’s just not quite as good as it once was. There, I said it. A few dull edges where there was once only sparkle. Although the most recent episode shone with the old glitter.

It’s still better than most free to air TV (why does the Bachelor get prime time ahead of it?). And I am still completely in love with Nina’s style. Read more

Finding your fashion crush

finding your fashion crush

It’s been an exciting week. Not only did the new season of Offspring hit our screens but I got to write about it. The lovely Nikki from Styling You is presently sipping Mai Tais and shopping up a storm in Hawaii. As they don’t get Offspring in that part of the world, she entrusted me with writing the debrief. You can read the post here.

I’m also helping out on the Styling You Facebook page and there’s lots of questions about matches for Nina’s clothing and accessories. Nikki was the first blogger to really catch on to Nina’s style and make it accessible to her readers. So she has pretty great insider information.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to source various Nina outfits over the interwebs. So how do you do that? When you see something on a celebrity or on Instagram that you instantly covet – how do you find the information that will make it yours?

Here are my tips on finding your fashion crush … Read more

Offspring Episode: Nina & Billie talk about self belief after babies

With the happy news that Offspring might make it back to our screens, I thought I’d imagine Nina and Billie chatting about self-belief and identity after having children.  People seem to forgive me taking liberties with Sex & the City, and I hope you are gracious enough to allow me some Offspring indulgence (and conveniently conspiring to give the Proudman sisters daughters of the same age).

Offspring Episode

Source: Network Ten

Since we last caught up with the Proudmans, Leo and Nina are very much together, although not married. They have a baby girl. Abigail was a welcome surprise and is now four months old. Nina has taken maternity leave to spend time with her and Zoe. After deciding she couldn’t leave Zoe permanently, Billie agreed to holiday for a few months in London with Mick.  Whilst there, they decided to try for a baby, one last time, with Andrew’s help. Happily, they fell pregnant and are back in Melbourne raising their daughter. Imogen is five months old. Read more