2016: Space, Focus & Treading Gently


Last year around this time I bought a diary. The cover promised 2015 would be my year. I feel hard for that idea. Determined that 2015 would see success, motivation and inspiration. That I would be filled with ambition and the year would deliver amazing things. Such a lot of pressure on the infant shoulders of a brand new year. I wasn’t the only one. Many of my Facebook friends declared similar expectations. That 2015 would be the year of abundant success.  Read more

Recognising when you need time and space

To some extent I feel like I bang on quite a bit about the challenges I have experienced being a FIFO wife and now that the the hubby is home, the challenges of having to adapt to him being here.

I tend to make light of it, or as soon as I talk about an aspect of it that is difficult, I quickly say how lucky we were to have the opportunity or similar, and of course there is the classic telling everyone I am fine when I am not. Read more