Taking Stock – it’s time

I was going to write a pithy, modern re-imagination of the “Virginia, Is there a Santa letter” today. It was going to be all kinds of funny and appeal to my eldest. Eight years old and beginning to doubt Santa. Wise enough to realise that an out and out statement of disbelief may result in less presents. Just as he is on the cusp of losing the magic, his three year old brother is discovering it. But I’m not going to write that post today.

Instead, I am going to do something I often avoid in this space. Share what is actually going on with me. The thoughts swirling around as they swirl, rather than one idea pinned and examined. So I’ll write a long over-due taking stock post. That cutest of blog ideas by the cutest of bloggers – Pip Lincolne. (Who is doing a very cool e-course in the new year as an extension of the whole taking stock idea).  Read more

Taking Stock – October

Taking Stock - Image by Robyna

The very lovely Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mikes has created a beautiful way to create a snapshot of your life at a particular moment: Taking Stock.

It’s a list of prompts that capture where you are, what you are doing, how you are feeling and where you are going.   I did this as part of Pip’s Blog with Pip course and I am just bursting to share it with you. Read more